Monday, March 3, 2014

It´s March!

Boa tarde! I can´t believe it is March already!

It´s in the high 70´s today and feeling a little hot but I know it is nothing compared to what it will be in a few months...

Still no baby!? All day I have been saying that I want to know if my Nephew has been born! haha I guess it will be a few more days but a week till I will know! That is okay and I am praying for you guys so much during this time.

The Jazz game looked like fun! The only weird thing I thought of was a building that big ...
A little health update: Thank you for the prayers! after I emailed you guys on Tuesday, the doctor told us the x-ray results and I have bronchitis (sorry I do not know how to spell that). But I got a blessing and am on antibiotics and am during much better now. I just stayed in the house most of the week and rested... that makes the week seem 3 times longer but I made it through! 

Praia is so smoggy and gross right now...
 a surprise I got bronchitis?
About the endorsement, don´t worry anymore it is all good! Our zone leader told us we needed to check it and sooo sorry if I freaked you out a bit I wasn't  really sure of what I needed to do. I submitted it and then Pres. Oliviera had to do something to authorize it. But those emails Dad sent me showed that it was accepted and I am endorsed to go back to BYU!

To top off the week we had a baptism! I think I talked about Veronica about a month ago when we met here or when she said she wanted to be baptized ... sorry I don´t remember all the weeks blur together! ANYWAY Sister Alvarado saved my life this week and went and taught Veronica while I was sick so she could still be ready by Saturday! And on Saturday she was so ready and the baptism went smooth and she bore a simple testimony after. She said she wasn't sure if the church was true, but when she was in the water and was baptized she felt something different and now she knows for sure. Oh we love her! She is such a sassy tiny 20 year old Cabo Verdiana! Haha in those pictures both her and my companion Sister Vieira are standing on a ledge ... but if they weren't then I would look seven feet tall!

The internet is going so slooooooow today. So this is all for today sorry! But I just have to say how grateful and blessed we are. We have trials and things that test us but it is always necessary for us to grow closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you guys so much and I am excited for little Kayan and I hope you guys have a great week!

Sister Turner

 Family night at Dudu and Yolando's house!

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