Friday, March 28, 2014


It is almost conference!! only 2 more weeks!! I am so excited!!

So how are you guys going?? Tim-tim was looking so good at prom thanks for the pictures! And kayan was looking good too, is he doing better?? How is his hearing? Dad I sent another letter so I hope this one will get there! Oh yeah and the plaque turned out so nice, I really like it! Thanks to the ward and all the members!

The internet keeps closing and I have to keep reopening it so sorry but this will be short today.

I am feeling a bit better now! I just want to share an experience that I thought was super neat even though it did't happen with any of our investigators. There is this long time member in our area and back in I think December or early Jan. we were talking to her about her son. He lives in Conn. but has been inactive ever since he moved there with his dad who is not a member. SO the thought came to my mind (by the spirit) to send him as a referral using the church website. So we did. And long story short- those elders helped reactivate him, receive the priesthood, and this week he baptized his friend!! It was such a cool story and his mom was so happy to always give us updates on how he was doing. Yep. :) Just a neat little story to show that the work is always going forward!

I love you guys so much and am always praying for you. I hope everyone has a great week and sees the hand of the lord in your lives!

com amor,
Sister Turner

p.s. We did some shopping at Sucapira and the choice of fabrics is seriously over whelming!

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