Monday, March 31, 2014

Boa Tarde. Haha I ALWAYS say boa tarde even if it is morning or night time.

I really enjoyed everyones emails this week thank you so much! AND I got a package!! well kind of... so it is in the mission office so I will be able to get it today or tomorrow! I am just glad I got one and it is here and I am excited to open it. :) And Dad, I am SO glad that you FINALLY got your letter! I was so worried it had gotten stolen but not this time! Turner´s 1 and Cabo Verde correios 0! Also that demo that is going on does sound fun, hahaha mom you are so right I would have loved to see all that old construction stuff! Send some pics of the museum and of the gardens when you guys go again, that sounded so fun! Oh I do miss the flowers. We watched the women´s meeting yesterday (... in Portuguese) but I really liked it! I tried printing the talks in English but I don't think I can yet, so I will try again next week. The messages were so good and all the videos were so classy! All of us Americans were just getting a little trunky. But I thought it was so neat how they do the meetings together now! Our church is so great. GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK!! I am to say the least, extremely excited.

Before I forget that is my companion Sister Mendes and I with a basketball hoop that is here in Palmarejo. It is just missing the rim and the net ... someone probably stole it.
This is a picture of a bunch of the youth from our ward. haha Simonica was so concerned that Pres. Monson appeared in the photo she´s so cute!
This week was crazy but then it ended well with the baptism of Simonica! For starters I was still not feeling great at the beginning of the week. But now I am! Then during the week there were surprise transfers. So sister Barros was finishing her mission but before she died I was put in a trio with her and a mini missionary Sister Mendes until Sister Barros went home on Friday. Mine and Sister Alvarados time was cut short but we had fun for the few weeks we were comps! Sister Mendes is a mini missionary waiting for her visa to go to Portugal so she will just be here a weeks! She is such a sweetie and is so nice! She is from Fogo and is really excited for her mission. 
 So you guys remember the kid Deu who got baptised a few weeks ago? Well this week his sister Simonica got baptized, and he was the one who performed the baptism!! Oh it was so sweet. On Friday we were helping him practice the prayer and the elders showed him how to baptize and he was so anxious! But he did such a good job it was perfect! He was so happy and so was Simonica. He just kept saying `ami e bom´, he was so proud! They both are so great and their other sister is probably getting baptized this week too. :)
Well the time is already gone, it goes so fast. I love you all so so so much. You mean the world to me, you guys and the gospel. I hope you have a great week and learn and feel the spirit so much during conference. Oh yeah and eat lots of tasty food!

Sister Turner

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