Friday, March 28, 2014

I´m not wearing green...

Ooops I forgot it is St. Patrick´s day! I have my shoulder bag that is mais ou menos green ... or atleast it used to be before the Cabo Veridan sun got to it. Now it is more like a light brown. Anywho those sisters better not pinch me! Speaking of sisters- I forgot to say that I am staying here in Praia with Sister Alvarado. This past week we were in a trio with sister pitts while she is waiting to be transferred. It is basically a Fogo reunion where we all served together 6 months ago, so it has been fun!
Things that have not been so fun- I still have bronchitis and I stayed in most of the week. Mom that is crazy that you got it too, I´m sorry! Hopefully you didn´t catch it from my email! Remember I went to the doctor and he gave me medicine and a cough syrup? Well I took that and once the syrup ran out I was still sick. So I talked to a different doctor and he told me that medicine was for a yeast infection... Do I have a yeast infection?? Sure don´t! Anywho, now I am taking the correct antibiotic and am hopefully actually getting better. :)

But seriously not much happened this week while I was sick in the house. On Tuesday I did go out and we taught a couple that is an inactive woman and a man who is not a member. Sister Valenzuela and I started working with them back in December and now they are making some progress. They accepted a date to get married and the man accepted a baptismal date!! THEN on sunday they went to church TOGETHER, it was the first time the woman had gone to church in years!! It was so great!! They are a cool couple and we are excited for them.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary since we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and I received my endowment. This is the picture hanging in our room! I think of that day often. Of the wonderful ordenances and blessings that are promised to us through the temple. It was so special to be there together with you and dad and grandpa and grandma too! After you guys, the temple is the thing I miss the most. We are going to go together the day after I get home okay?! I can´t wait for there to be a temple here for the saints in Cabo Verde. Them and their ancestors need those saving ordenances so much. I can´t remember which month this year but there was a talk in the Liahona about the temple. It talked about how the ordenances performed in the temple are the most significant events in our lives. And I believe that. Those sacred ordinances stretch into the eternities and thus have eternal consequences. I am so grateful for the temple. I still sing the song, ´I love to see the temple, I go inside ... in November´ I think that was how it goes! But this short seperation makes my heart and spirit grow fonder to enter again in its doors. And it is totally worth it to be here teaching these people and helping them make the first covenant of baptism! If they continue on the path they will be eligible to one day receive more covenants in the temple!
I love the gospel. I love you all so much. I hope you get better mom and little Kayan too! Hope this week is better!
Sister Turner

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