Monday, February 24, 2014

Boa tarde na segunda-feira 24 de fevereiro

Today the weather is like early September, a little warmer but then in the shade a little chill. I like it. 

Thank you for the emails and pictures this week I loved them! It really is great to hear how everyone is doing and know what you guys are up to! (Thank you thank you thank you for the lower lights music!!!) I can't believe Kayan could  probably be born this week, that is so crazy! I am praying a ton that everything will go well. Little Ryan was already born and Kayan is almost here, that is two more great grandchildren ... which means I am for sure calling mee maw GREAT grandma when I get home! Hahaha! Oh yeah and will you tell grandpa that the water goes out in our house several times a week so I have been getting good use out of the straw filter he gave me. :) All the family history you guys are doing for family home evening sounds awesome. I am so happy that you guys are finding names and getting work done! The work of Salvation is not just for the living it is for the dead too and you guys are doing your part! Also the stake goal sound like they are helping a lot, 10,000 ordinances sounds like so much but then I remember the tons of members in Utah and the temples in almost every city and then I know that the Eagle Mountain East stake can do it!

Let me give the low down on the photos of the week real quick-
a hubcap in Praia,

when we found a veil in our apartment and put it on Sister Barros when she tried to go to sleep,

delicious maria bolacha ice cream,

Sister Veira (name is really Vieira her nametage is just wrong) and I with our investigator Dudu,

Me with the twins who were baptisms of Sister Alvarado and sister Barros,. they are so cute!


Recently I have been trying to be studying the Book of Mormon even more and it has been a really great experience. This week we had a really good lessons with the Book of Mormon. In our lesson with Graciette we asked her to read the second paragraph in the introduction. Well she read the whole introductoin and after asked if there was more! Haha yeah there are 500 pages more! But she was really interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon and I am excited for our next lesson with her. Also we taught Lusia about the Book of Mormon. (Lusia is from Guinea Bissau and like so many of my investigators from africa is so kind and sincere in her belief in God.) After reading the paragraph where the prophet Joseph Smith Jr. declares “I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.” All she said was 'eu preciso deste livro'. Which means 'I need this book' it was a really neat moment and made me think about how all of us really NEED the Book of Mormon. We can read and study and apply the principles that are in it and really we will draw closer to our Heavenly Father. I love the Book of Mormon it is such a blessing to us.

Well that is about all for now. Yep. I hope everyone is doing great! We are doing well here, we have our struggles for sure but the important thing is to focus on what we can learn and improve on through our struggles. I love the mission. I love you guys!!!!

com meu amor!
Sister p. m. Turner

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