Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Short and Sweet

Oh no this is short I am sorry! I promise next week I will write more! 

So it was transfers and we get to stay here, YAY!! We are pumped and I am officially going to be Sister Turley´s last companion and kill her!

I can´t believe tim-tim graduated from seminary last week and is graduating from high school this week. THAT IS CRAZY!! Lil tim-tim is not little anymore! I hope that everything goes great and that you guys have a nice time! I will be there in spirit and sending lots of prayers. And you guys should send pics of his announcement and lots of pics from the grad ceremony! :)

We had another good week and are having great progress with some of our investigators! I am sending some pictures from after church of us with some members and some investigators. The guy with the bleached dreds is named aginaldo and he is lobster fisherman. This sunday was the first time he came to church and he was there before we were! And on top of that he loved it! He is so prepared and is working hard to do what is right. He is a great guy. I will write about all the miracles that happened to find him.

Well time is up... I wish I could write more. But where I lack in writing I send in prayers. Thank you always for your love and support in me being here doing the Lord´s work. I am so lucky to have you guys. Have a great week and have fun at graduation! love you!

-Sister Turner

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Past ONE YEAR mark!

Hello Boa Tarde,

Sure enough one year has come and gone. Fast too! Yeah I can´t really believe it. Also can´t believe that kade and annie are married now that is so wonderful! The pictures looked like it was a nice wedding and I am so glad that it went well. The food sounded great and the flowers were so pretty mom! It sounded like it was a great weekend too with the baby blessing. I was thinking and praying for you all extra on Saturday and I was so happy to hear and see how it went!

Book of Mormon reading is going well! We are filling out little charts to stay on track and we are half way through Alma. Only two more weeks to finish!

I thought everyone would enjoy the picture of what we call the bob marley dog. It is rediculous and sad all at the same time. And he did not really want his picture taken!

So like I said mangos have arrived in Boa Vista. Since last saturday the mango count is as on today already over 25. We really like mangos.

This week had a lot of good things, we are seeing the blessings of the Lord. We have this great investigator named Ima who we contacted in the bank a couple weeks ago. So we go to teach him this week and he did his reading in the Book of Mormon! Yes. And he had a question that was kind of funny. In 2 nephi 31 it talks about baptism by water and by fire too. He asked it meant literally fire and he was going to have to touch a flame or something!! No! haha it was good though we reassured him that it is simbolism. But yeah it was a good lesson and he accepted baptism! Then the cherry on the top was he came to church on sunday! The STRUGGLE is REAL to get people here in Boa Vista to go to church. But we are having some good progress with investigators like Ima so we are happy.

I am so grateful for the struggles. The mission is full of them. So much more than I expected. But every struggle is meant to strengthen us and help us be closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. For that reason I am grateful for them. We are given the opportunity to grow and progress and become more like Heavenly Father wants us to be. I still have so much to learn and to do and become in these last six months. And I am so glad that I have them!

I always say this and I always mean it, I love you guys so much. Have a great week and always thank you for the prayers.


Sister Turner

Hello again!

Boa Tarde,

It was so great to talk to you guys yesterday! It was so nice to see everyone and that you guys are doing well! And Kayan!!! hahaha oh and tim-tim´s ninja sword that was hilarious!

Well not much has changed since yesterday so i don´t have a ton to say, we just had a chill p-day. I am sending a bunch of pictures from this week-

When we flew to Sal the flight was LITERALLY 15 minutes. Maybe a little less. The plane goes up and then goes back down. I know you love airplane pictures dad so here is one of Boa Vista, sorry the window is so foggy looking.

The zone conference that we had was so good! It was our last conference with President and Sister Oliveira because they are going home next month. It is sad and we are going to miss them so much. They did so much wonderful work here and blessed the lives of the people and of the missionaries. We love them!

Here is a picture of us with jorge the branch mission leader. Like I said yesterday he is from guinea bissau and is a great guy who helps us a ton!

So I found out that sister turley is OBCESSED with mangos. We found mangoes for the first time this year on Saturday. Needless to say we have already bought a dozen and we didn't buy any on the Sabbath. :)

I sent a picture of the Cabo Cafe that is the restaurant of our investigator. It is too cute! haha but really it probably is the cutest restaurant I have seen in the whole country...

This week went by fast because we were gone to Sal. But it kind of stinks a little bit because we didn't see our investigators that much this week. And then it really stunk when all the ones we did see, did not go to church. Ah! But here is the thing, we still had other investigators show up to church! It just goes to show that it is not us, but really Heavenly Father that touches peoples hearts and gets them to act! It was a huge blessing for us. We are excited to keep working and sharing the good news that is the gospel. Even though we are servants that are so weak and imperfect the Lord still helps us to be an instrument in his hands.

I love you all so much and am always praying for you! Have a wonderful week and I can't wait to see the pictures of the wedding!!

com amor,
Sister Turner

Monday, May 5, 2014

Doubled the numbers in Teaching this last week!

Boa Tarde!

This week went even faster than the last i can't believe it. We about doubled the number of lessons we taught so that was a huge blessing! We also found more new investigators and a couple of them accepted baptism so it was real good. Now we just have to find out how they can attend church which is the real struggle. So many people work for the hotels and resorts and have to work on sundays so it is SO HARD to get them to be able to come to church. But Pai Celestial will prepare a way for them.

We are going to talk on Sunday!!! YAY!!! I will be on skype calling around 6 - 6:30 pm MY TIME. So I think that is around1 pm utah time? not sure... but yeah I am really excited to see everyone and chat with you guys!

That is great that Dad got that new job, what a blessing! We will be praying for him for sure. Also that is so sweet Dad and Tim are going to see Paul McCartney in August it will be a great show! Oh Beatles music, saudades.

Well this isn't much this week, but we will talk on Sunday so that will be the real treat! Oh yeah and tomorrow we are flying to Sal for zone conference and coming back on Thursday so that will be a huge chunk of our week but it should be good. We are going to give a training at the conference so it is stressful but a good opportunity. And we found out our zone has a goal to read the whole Book of Mormon during the month of May. PRAY FOR ME! Not kidding. I am excited but it is going to be so hard. I barely got through the Book of Mormon in english in 6 weeks in the mtc ... this will be interesting. But it is possible! yeah.

We contacted a chinese woman (she speaks creole) and this week are going to give her a chinese copy of the book of mormon! There are lots of chinese people here. I basically only see cape verdians, africans, and chinese oh yeah and european tourists. it is not super diverse here.

Here is a picture of tuna for sale on the street. I love fresh tuna. AND it comes out to less than $3 lbs. YUM!

Okay so that is a random email. But I love you all so much and thank you so much everyone for the emails! Annnnnd we will talk on sunday! Ate ja!
Sister Turner