Monday, March 31, 2014

Boa Tarde. Haha I ALWAYS say boa tarde even if it is morning or night time.

I really enjoyed everyones emails this week thank you so much! AND I got a package!! well kind of... so it is in the mission office so I will be able to get it today or tomorrow! I am just glad I got one and it is here and I am excited to open it. :) And Dad, I am SO glad that you FINALLY got your letter! I was so worried it had gotten stolen but not this time! Turner´s 1 and Cabo Verde correios 0! Also that demo that is going on does sound fun, hahaha mom you are so right I would have loved to see all that old construction stuff! Send some pics of the museum and of the gardens when you guys go again, that sounded so fun! Oh I do miss the flowers. We watched the women´s meeting yesterday (... in Portuguese) but I really liked it! I tried printing the talks in English but I don't think I can yet, so I will try again next week. The messages were so good and all the videos were so classy! All of us Americans were just getting a little trunky. But I thought it was so neat how they do the meetings together now! Our church is so great. GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK!! I am to say the least, extremely excited.

Before I forget that is my companion Sister Mendes and I with a basketball hoop that is here in Palmarejo. It is just missing the rim and the net ... someone probably stole it.
This is a picture of a bunch of the youth from our ward. haha Simonica was so concerned that Pres. Monson appeared in the photo she´s so cute!
This week was crazy but then it ended well with the baptism of Simonica! For starters I was still not feeling great at the beginning of the week. But now I am! Then during the week there were surprise transfers. So sister Barros was finishing her mission but before she died I was put in a trio with her and a mini missionary Sister Mendes until Sister Barros went home on Friday. Mine and Sister Alvarados time was cut short but we had fun for the few weeks we were comps! Sister Mendes is a mini missionary waiting for her visa to go to Portugal so she will just be here a weeks! She is such a sweetie and is so nice! She is from Fogo and is really excited for her mission. 
 So you guys remember the kid Deu who got baptised a few weeks ago? Well this week his sister Simonica got baptized, and he was the one who performed the baptism!! Oh it was so sweet. On Friday we were helping him practice the prayer and the elders showed him how to baptize and he was so anxious! But he did such a good job it was perfect! He was so happy and so was Simonica. He just kept saying `ami e bom´, he was so proud! They both are so great and their other sister is probably getting baptized this week too. :)
Well the time is already gone, it goes so fast. I love you all so so so much. You mean the world to me, you guys and the gospel. I hope you have a great week and learn and feel the spirit so much during conference. Oh yeah and eat lots of tasty food!

Sister Turner

Friday, March 28, 2014


It is almost conference!! only 2 more weeks!! I am so excited!!

So how are you guys going?? Tim-tim was looking so good at prom thanks for the pictures! And kayan was looking good too, is he doing better?? How is his hearing? Dad I sent another letter so I hope this one will get there! Oh yeah and the plaque turned out so nice, I really like it! Thanks to the ward and all the members!

The internet keeps closing and I have to keep reopening it so sorry but this will be short today.

I am feeling a bit better now! I just want to share an experience that I thought was super neat even though it did't happen with any of our investigators. There is this long time member in our area and back in I think December or early Jan. we were talking to her about her son. He lives in Conn. but has been inactive ever since he moved there with his dad who is not a member. SO the thought came to my mind (by the spirit) to send him as a referral using the church website. So we did. And long story short- those elders helped reactivate him, receive the priesthood, and this week he baptized his friend!! It was such a cool story and his mom was so happy to always give us updates on how he was doing. Yep. :) Just a neat little story to show that the work is always going forward!

I love you guys so much and am always praying for you. I hope everyone has a great week and sees the hand of the lord in your lives!

com amor,
Sister Turner

p.s. We did some shopping at Sucapira and the choice of fabrics is seriously over whelming!

I´m not wearing green...

Ooops I forgot it is St. Patrick´s day! I have my shoulder bag that is mais ou menos green ... or atleast it used to be before the Cabo Veridan sun got to it. Now it is more like a light brown. Anywho those sisters better not pinch me! Speaking of sisters- I forgot to say that I am staying here in Praia with Sister Alvarado. This past week we were in a trio with sister pitts while she is waiting to be transferred. It is basically a Fogo reunion where we all served together 6 months ago, so it has been fun!
Things that have not been so fun- I still have bronchitis and I stayed in most of the week. Mom that is crazy that you got it too, I´m sorry! Hopefully you didn´t catch it from my email! Remember I went to the doctor and he gave me medicine and a cough syrup? Well I took that and once the syrup ran out I was still sick. So I talked to a different doctor and he told me that medicine was for a yeast infection... Do I have a yeast infection?? Sure don´t! Anywho, now I am taking the correct antibiotic and am hopefully actually getting better. :)

But seriously not much happened this week while I was sick in the house. On Tuesday I did go out and we taught a couple that is an inactive woman and a man who is not a member. Sister Valenzuela and I started working with them back in December and now they are making some progress. They accepted a date to get married and the man accepted a baptismal date!! THEN on sunday they went to church TOGETHER, it was the first time the woman had gone to church in years!! It was so great!! They are a cool couple and we are excited for them.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary since we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and I received my endowment. This is the picture hanging in our room! I think of that day often. Of the wonderful ordenances and blessings that are promised to us through the temple. It was so special to be there together with you and dad and grandpa and grandma too! After you guys, the temple is the thing I miss the most. We are going to go together the day after I get home okay?! I can´t wait for there to be a temple here for the saints in Cabo Verde. Them and their ancestors need those saving ordenances so much. I can´t remember which month this year but there was a talk in the Liahona about the temple. It talked about how the ordenances performed in the temple are the most significant events in our lives. And I believe that. Those sacred ordinances stretch into the eternities and thus have eternal consequences. I am so grateful for the temple. I still sing the song, ´I love to see the temple, I go inside ... in November´ I think that was how it goes! But this short seperation makes my heart and spirit grow fonder to enter again in its doors. And it is totally worth it to be here teaching these people and helping them make the first covenant of baptism! If they continue on the path they will be eligible to one day receive more covenants in the temple!
I love the gospel. I love you all so much. I hope you get better mom and little Kayan too! Hope this week is better!
Sister Turner

Monday, March 10, 2014

Start of transfer 7!

Hello! Yep already starting my seventh transfer, weird. We had transfers yesterday and guess what?? I am comps with Sister Avarado. hahaha just when I thought I had spent most of our missions in the same areas, now we are comps too! We are looking forward to this transfer it should be a lot of fun and hard work and Sister Alvarado thinks a lot of crepes too but we'll see about that ...

KAYAN IS So So So So CUTE! I can't wait to hold him and play with him in a few months! I am glad he is doing better and I will keep praying a lot. Also good to hear that Brandon made it back okay I hope he gets taken care of. Thanks for keeping me updated!

That is awesome that you guys are going on trek with tim-tim! I loved trek so much and I know that all of you will have a wonderful experience. A couple weeks ago we watched 17 miracles and it was reminding me so much of trek and I am jealous you guys are going! The Spirit is so strong there in Wyoming, those really are sacred grounds.

Dad I am sending another letter so hopefully this one will make it to you! Gare thanks for emailing me, Brenden congratulations on your mission call! And to everyone else, feel free to email me and or send letters too... mail is actually pretty reliable if it is coming from the states. :)

This week Deu was baptized! His real name is Deotronomio which is Deutronomy in portuguese, I think I spelled that wrong in both languages. ANYWHO he is 17 and a friend of a member named Rosie. She invited him to church and that is how we met him and started teaching him. He had ton of doubts about some different doctrines but he continued learning and eventually overcame those doubts and gained a testimony. Last week (the Sunday BEFORE he was baptized) he got up and bore his testimony on fast Sunday! He is such a cool kid and his baptism was great too. The whole time before and after he was so happy and just couldn't explain it! He bore his testimony after and was just grinning from ear to ear. It was just a little reminder to me that it is only the gospel that brings us and our families true happiness. All we have to do is keeping pushing forward with faith and with desire to please Heavenly Father. And He will bless us in His own time and in His own way, which will always be THE BEST for us.


I love you all so much and am soooo grateful for you, your examples and all that you do!

com muito muito amor,

Sister Turner

Monday, March 3, 2014

It´s March!

Boa tarde! I can´t believe it is March already!

It´s in the high 70´s today and feeling a little hot but I know it is nothing compared to what it will be in a few months...

Still no baby!? All day I have been saying that I want to know if my Nephew has been born! haha I guess it will be a few more days but a week till I will know! That is okay and I am praying for you guys so much during this time.

The Jazz game looked like fun! The only weird thing I thought of was a building that big ...
A little health update: Thank you for the prayers! after I emailed you guys on Tuesday, the doctor told us the x-ray results and I have bronchitis (sorry I do not know how to spell that). But I got a blessing and am on antibiotics and am during much better now. I just stayed in the house most of the week and rested... that makes the week seem 3 times longer but I made it through! 

Praia is so smoggy and gross right now...
 a surprise I got bronchitis?
About the endorsement, don´t worry anymore it is all good! Our zone leader told us we needed to check it and sooo sorry if I freaked you out a bit I wasn't  really sure of what I needed to do. I submitted it and then Pres. Oliviera had to do something to authorize it. But those emails Dad sent me showed that it was accepted and I am endorsed to go back to BYU!

To top off the week we had a baptism! I think I talked about Veronica about a month ago when we met here or when she said she wanted to be baptized ... sorry I don´t remember all the weeks blur together! ANYWAY Sister Alvarado saved my life this week and went and taught Veronica while I was sick so she could still be ready by Saturday! And on Saturday she was so ready and the baptism went smooth and she bore a simple testimony after. She said she wasn't sure if the church was true, but when she was in the water and was baptized she felt something different and now she knows for sure. Oh we love her! She is such a sassy tiny 20 year old Cabo Verdiana! Haha in those pictures both her and my companion Sister Vieira are standing on a ledge ... but if they weren't then I would look seven feet tall!

The internet is going so slooooooow today. So this is all for today sorry! But I just have to say how grateful and blessed we are. We have trials and things that test us but it is always necessary for us to grow closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you guys so much and I am excited for little Kayan and I hope you guys have a great week!

Sister Turner

 Family night at Dudu and Yolando's house!