Monday, April 14, 2014

Conference was GREAT!!

Boa Tarde.

This week flew by so fast, the transfer is almost over. Mom, the new place looks like it is going well and it is going to turn out cute for sure! This week there was a leadership counsel and it went really well. I am excited about the plans the mission has for the next 3 months. I sent a picture of all the sister training leaders and of my good friend Sister Anderson who I was so happy to see! After the conference I got to open my package and I loved it! You know me too well! Hahaha every thing in there is so great and I was laughing at the neat things you guys sent me! We all have been munching on the sweets and I am excited to make jello! is it just one cup hot water, one cup cold? I don't remember very well :) Oh yes and the clothes fit great you guys did an awesome job! I don´t know what you are talking about Mom the box was SO FULL!! Hahah the sisters just marvel at how much stuff you guys always get inside of the box. They said you need to do a YouTube tutorial to show how you guys pack those boxes so tight!! We are all enjoying the package and I will send pictures when we dye eggs. :) THANK YOU!

General Conference was so great!! I loved it so much. AND PLUS GOOD SHOCKING NEWS- we got to watch it in English! They sent up a classroom with a plasma screen and the missionaries who wanted to watch got to attend in English. What a blessing. In October it was good in Portuguese but not going to lie I really enjoy it in English. And the talks were so direct and filled with doctrine. The world actually kind of sounds like a scary place right now... so we need to be focusing on protecting our selves and our families spiritually. I especially loved Sister Reese´s talk, and Elder Christofferson and elder Holland and Elder Cook and obviously President Monson too! So inspired. Our church is truly led by divine inspiration. Even though we basically sat all day during conference we were all so tired because it is like a spiritual feast! But really we were so fed by the Spirit and the best part is that we can continue to be if we re-watch and re-study the talks in the ensign! I loved general conference and just the fact that Heavenly Father loves us enough to keep giving us modern revelation to help us stay on the path. It sounds like you guys really enjoyed it and had a good time too and I was happy to hear that!!

wow the hour is already gone. I hope everyone has a good week and that the spirit of conference will continue with all of us! Amo vocês muito muito!!
Sister Turner

p.s. I told sister Nelson ´´Hello´´ when I saw her this week at conference! Also the other Sisters had a baptism! Meloisa who is the sister of Deu and Simonica, who I told you about in my last letter!
She is so sweet!

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