Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving in Sal!!

Oi tudo bom?

Okay so this week a lot of things happened- including a baptism and transfers!
So the elders in our branch got transferred. That means we started teaching their investigators that were progressing and now we are working in the whole area of our branch. It has been a little hectic absorving their area but it has been good and we are receiving more elders in 2 weeks so it will be back to normal. The elders were preparing a man named Djack (just pronounced like jack) for baptism and so we were blessed to get to know him a little bit and help him prepare for his baptism this week. It was really good! haha sorry the pic is really blurry..

Also this week we had a visit from president and sister Oliveira and had interviews with president. It was great to see them and they always bring a great spirit to the missionaries and to the members.

So we also had a small transfer this week. Sister Barros is now serving with me in branch 2 and Sister Brock is serving with Sister Thembo in branch 1! It was great to get to train Sister Brock for 8 weeks, she is an awesome missionary and is going to do so much good. Sister Barros entered the mission the same time as me, but she went to the Brazil mtc so I didn't know her. We have a good time teaching together and she is helping me with my language (Portuguese & Creole) since she is from Cabo Verde!

So today we had a little p-day Thanksgiving with the missionaries in our area. Guess what mom?? I did a make shift brine (as close as I could remember) for the turkey and it actually turned out good! It was a little bit of a struggle because we got locked out of the house and the turkey got over cooked ... but then when we get back in the house to finish some things like the gravy (which I did just like you do = soooo good) we had no more gas to cook!! haha the sisters bought more gas and we just cooked the peach cobbler at the senior couples apartment. Oh yeah, I think I forgot to mention we received a senior couple, the Smarts, 2 weeks ago and they are so sweet and good to us! Enfim ...the lunch was a success and we have leftover turkey :)

That was just some things from this week. I just want to share Mosiah 2:41, and say that I am not a perfect missionary. I have a lot of weaknesses and things I need to improve. I know though that when we are obedient we are happy and blessed. We are truly so blessed in the gospel. I love you all. The family Thanksgiving party looked great and I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving on Thursday too! Eat lots of cranberry surprise for me!

Ate mais logo!
Love, Sister Turner

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