Monday, November 4, 2013

Already November!

I can´t believe it is November! I really can´t.

so a few quick things- this computer is bad so this letter with have little to no capitalization, will be short and i will have to send the photos in multiple emails, disculpa!

oh my goodness what even happened this week... it was a pretty normal. the weather will cool down one day and the next be hot again so i really have no idea what season it is!

sister alvarado and her companion sister barbosa arrived because they are opening the area of santa maria! haha and today sister alvarado made me wear her floral jacket beause it reminds her of my floral carpet jacket i bought at d.i., its fun!

oh also i received the poster from the primary! it was so cute i loved it! i loved all the little pictures and note the kids drew it was so fun to get it! thank you primary kids so much!

this week i was feeling pretty stressed and inadequate. we have a lot of work to do in our area, and with training we just have so much and it doesn't seem like there is enough time! but some scriptures and some counsel that helped me were ether 12:27, and to try and realize what the lord is teaching me is these moments that are a little more difficult. even though there are hard days i am always still so grateful to be here and having these learning experiences. the joy that comes from this work makes everything worth it! like yesterday leila's son ienike received his baby blessing during sacrament and it was such a neat experience and the spirit was so strong!

well that really wasn't very much, but we are happy and doing well and i hope every one back home is too!

ate mais logo! tchau!

love, sister p. michelle turner
poster from the KV3 primary

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