Monday, November 11, 2013

6 month mark this week!!


Happy Veterans day Grandpa. Thank you for your example of service to our country. I love you!

True story this Friday the 15th of November the year 201, I will hit my 6th month mark in the mission! WHAT! That means 6 months has gone by? Who knew! This time next year I will be home with you guys and eating so much good food! (p.s. as soon as I saw the picture of the pho that Dad sent, I knew exactly what it was and I was so excited to find out it is in Saratoga!) And to put in perspective how quickly a year goes by- this time last year I will filling out my mission papers. Weird.

So I will get the bad news out of the way ... I think my memory card AND my jump drive have a virus. the computers here don´t really have firewalls or spyware. I can still see the pictures of the camera just not in the computer. but its okay my card is full and i just started using another one so hopefully it won´t get a virus on it. But since that one is not working it means the only picture I have to send home is one of cake and cachupa from sister Barro´s birthday this week. I will see if i brought my camera cord and can use it to send pictures next week...

Haha quick funny story- in Relief Society the lesson was in the teachings of the prophet Lorenzo Snow book. It was telling a story about someone who lived in Hull, England. And I did a double take, Hull. Hull? and the next words that automatically popped into my head was ´stop saying Hull!´ hahaha I remembered that Doctor Who line off of the episode Blink! Are you guys enjoying a new season? Is there a new season or did they stop making it so they could wait for their most faithful fan to return?

This week we taught Leila the plan of salvation. First for starters I am so grateful for the plan of salvation, the truths that it holds and the comfort we receive from knowing our purpose in life. The Spirit was so strong in the lesson, all of us could feel it and Leila was crying. When we asked her how she felt she just kept saying that if she had known this before she would not have lived the life she did, and that she knows this is the right path and that the church is true. It was an amazing lesson.

Okay so just to close I want to explain the difference between buying fish in america and buying fish in Cabo Verde.
America- 1. go to Macey´s or Smiths or whatever large grocery place you want.
2. Go to the fish counter and be greet the clean apron wearing employee.
3. Choose which fillet of fish you would like, have it weighed and packaged for you to pay for at the register.
Okay that's all.... now for our we do it here... Cabo Verde- 
1. go out in the street.
2. look for the 12 year old and the random man with a wheel barrow.
3. ask in creole- if under the piece of card board covering the wheel barrow they have tuna.
4. if the answer is yes tell them how many kilos you want and he will take the knife out of his pocket and cut a chunk out of the fish and put it into a grocery bag.
I love you all! Have a great week! Thank you for the love, prayers and support!
Sister Turner
cake & cachupa from Sister Barro´s
birthday this past week

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