Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter from the island of Sal!

Tudo dret?

Oh goodness this is going to be short because we are having serious computer struggles! The man named Jai at the foto place fixed my memory card and I only lost like 50 fotos so it wasn't bad compared to loosing all 1500 of them. But JUST NOW this computer I am only deleted all the photos on my other memory card. serio. por favor pai celestial da-me paciencia.

But also not that much happened this week ...

So the baptismal font had no water on Saturday so we all got in a Hiace and went and had the baptism in the ocean! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I mean I am pretty sure if they have beaches in Heaven they look a little something like this. I had more pictures I wanted to send but they got deleted ... but yeah. The baptism was super cool and the spirit was so strong like it always is when a children of God makes their first covenant with their Heavenly Father. 
Analy didn't get baptized. We worked super hard so that was a bummer. 

Also my emails were great this morning, I really needed them! So thanks Mom, Dad, Kade and gare!
Who is the new doctor???????

Brandon´s farewell sounded like it was great! The photos looked great too! He is going to be an awesome missionary. I am going to email him! I want to talk to him about Africa! 

But today I got my ears pierced! Haha it was great! Just a slit pinch and 500 escudos. Sorry the picture isn't great I had another that also got deleted ... 
Also, I read the conference talks and they are so good. Well that's all for this week, I will have more time next week. I love you all immensely and hope you have a great week!

com muito amor,
Sister Turner

Pictures from baptisms on the beach Saturday


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