Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Good things!!!

Hello hello!

Today is December 2 and it is a HOT! Today I do not feel I am in Cabo Verde. It is so hot but not humid, and we were walking around in down town Espargos today and there were lots of white people (turistas) and there are paved roads, and street signs and palm trees and things like SUV´s and I just feel like I am in Arizona or Nevada or something.  Weird! Haha that sentence has all sorts or problems but that is okay.

So in other news- I GOT A PACKAGE!!! kind of. The zone leader went to Praia for the leadership counsel and he told me there is a package for me in the mission office! I was so excited there were almost tears! then there really were almost tears when he said he couldn't bring it back to Sal with him. BUT the presidents assistants are coming to Sal this week and they are bringing it and I am so excited!!! Thank you so much I can't wait to open it!!

A cool thing happened at church yesterday- we met a woman named Teresa. haha reminds me of aunt Tess. Anywho she is so sweet and she told us multiply time that she doesn't want to be in the darkness anymore, she wants to stay in the light. She has already come to church a few times in the past couple months we just never met her! This week we are going to find her house which is in further part of our area and start teaching her. It is always so excited to encounter those people searching for the truth!

So the pictures this week are a little random but-
When Sister Barros bag broke right when we were walking down the street, I was dying laughing.
This morning we walked up the trail to the airport tower and the view was gorgeous!
A sign that I really like, and I think is funny because all it means is ´hot meal´ and not specific at all to what kind of food they serve...

The pictures from Thanksgiving looked awesome! Everybody and all the food looked great! Oh and the craft fair too! Tenho saudades! The turkey trot looked fun, I remember when Tim and I ran it last year and it WAS SO COLD! In a few years I hope me and Tim-Tim and maybe Dad run it together again! I can´t believe it is December and in just a few weeks we will get to skype! I don't know what day yet but as soon as I find out I will let you guys know!

That's all for this week. We are doing well here, I love serving with Sister Barros, we have a lot of funny times together! I am sending my love and my prayers and I hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Turner

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