Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Week in Assomada!!!

Hello Everyone!!

This first week has been crazy adjusting to a new area but it has been good! Assomada is a lot bigger than Sao Filipe and part of it is a city so I have been walking a lot more here! Our apartment is right in the city and is it super convenient because it is right across from the produce market. :) Only one morning this week was clear and we could see Fogo (in the distance) from our apartment and I was so happy! Also, Assomada is in a valley and it has been raining SO MUCH EVERYDAY! We are just walking in water sometimes I feel like I am hiking the narrows in Zion! Also going through mud to get to our investigator Yuri's house I joke around and say we are doing one of those 'mud runs' or the Dirty Dash! I bought an umbrella from a Chinese store (there are tons of Chinese stores here) so that has helped.

So this island is a lot more African and so many women will use a wrap and just carry their babies on their backs with no hands! And a lot more people here are from Africa like Nigeria, Guine Bissau and speak 'English' ... African English is really hard to understand because of their accent and their grammar. But we taught a lesson in English to Sandra and her daughter Faith the other day. They are from Nigeria and it was so bizarre to teach in English! I mean it was way easier to explain scriptures in English but it was hard to not say certain words and phrases in Portuguese like Espirito Santo, or to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon. Her husband Smile is a tailor and was working but is super nice too and we are looking forward to teaching them as a family. Faith the little girl is 5 and speaks English, French, Portuguese and Creole which really just means when she is excited and talking really fast she mixes up all those languages and we cannot not understand anything!!

The work here is going great! Seriously we are being so blessed with new investigators and families to share the gospel with. Last transfer the sisters here were preparing Samira and she was baptized this Saturday. I haven't know her for very long but she is really nice. And funny story: it was my first lesson with her this week and she said "I think I know you/I have seen you before." Sister Wilson said "I don't think so this is one of her first days here." But I asked Samira if she was in Fogo recently and she said she was staying there for 2 months with her aunt! She was in the area of the sisters in Sao Filipe where we would go to email and shop on p-days and she totally saw me walking around Sao Filipe! Haha small world! Also small world- Sister Wilson, my companion, is the friend of Sister Bradford who was forwarding me her emails before I went in the mtc! We live with Sister Valenzuela (was in the MTC with me) and Sister Anderson and they are awesome sisters too, we have a lot of fun!

I am so excited about Tim's blessing and homecoming date! They both sound like they were great! I am bummed I couldn't be there but I want to see pictures from the dance! No package yet, still put VIA PORTUGAL on packages but I don't think you need to for just letters which actually get here pretty quick from what I hear.

I am loving the work and hope everyone is happy and enjoying the blessings of the gospel. The time to email always goes by too fast but I love you guys so much and will write next week!!


Sister Turner

Fogo from our apartment in the distance.
A picture of the city from our window.
 Lunch with the Sisters!

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