Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another GREAT week!

I will just get right to it, lots of great things happened this week including the baptism of Pedro!

I am glad you guys got my letter! haha oops sorry Dad that you couldn't read it.. was it my handwriting or your eyes? haha it was my handwriting for sure because you are still so young!! :) The camping sounded & looked like a lot of fun! Haha and the pictures of Puddles (haha or should I say tubby?) were funny.

Sis. Llano went to Praia for training this week. I slept over at the sisters house which was a hoot being with Sister Alvarado and Sister Pitts, she just kills me and both nights I was there she was telling me to make crepes! Then during proselyting I did divisions with some members. Which means for the first time I was the trainer/senior companion! Like, make the decisions, start and lead the lessons all that stuff! ahh! BUT due to much prayer, faith, preparation (training), awesome investigators and most of all tender mercies of the Lord, it actually went pretty well! .. I think! I sent a picture I was with Irma Didju (who did my hair) who is the relief society president in our branch and she had gone and taught with the sisters and elders many times so she knew the ropes. Haha it also helped that she speaks creole, and that I can finally understand her Portuguese accent! We had a great time walking and teaching together!

Also we had this neat experience...so we went to teach irma Rosas (haha irma Rosa is old and pretty much has the bible memorized & she is funny) & she said we could come back and teach her in a little bit because she was busy. So we start walking over to where our investigator Andreia usually is. But I have to tell you first that all last week we were trying to find Pedro's dad to get him to sign his baptismal form so he could be baptized this week. WE COULD NOT FIND HIM... or sober. The two times we did see him he was too drunk to try to talk to about the baptism form. We would come after 7 pm when he is off work and never saw him. We even went there at 6:30 am once to try and catch him before work. Nothing. But we need him to sign the form! So anyway back to divisions- we are walking to Andreias' and its like 5:30 and I get this feeling we should go to Pedro's house right now and see if his dad will sign the form. Weird because it is 5:30 so he shouldn't even be there. But I decided we are going to follow this prompting and so we turned and went to his house. And irmao Manuel was there AND sober! AND he signed the baptism form! Miracle! Following the spirit is definitely the most effective way to do missionary work hands down! So all the other preparation went smooth with Pedro and we had a great baptism on Saturday! Elder Ralph who is from Florida baptized him and it was funny because they looked like they were brothers! It was sad that none of his family came to his baptism but he was so happy and excited he showed up to the church an hour early! Can I remind you he is only 12! He is awesome we love him.

Also another neat thing- we are teaching this couple Adi and Eloide that have a little baby. I think I have talked about them before but they are progressing and it is AMAZING. I remember the first time we tried to teach them about the Restauration almost 2 months ago with sister Graca. We were there for probably an hour and didn't even get past prophets because irmao Adi had so many doubts and questions. After many more visits and many spiritual experiences and Adi exercising his faith and keeping our invitations to pray, read the book of Mormon, and come to church ... yesterday in our lesson he said he feels that Joseph Smith was a prophet!! AHH!! I was so happy! He has come so far already I can't wait to see the continued progress as they prepare to get married and baptized hopefully in October! If I don't get transferred I will be so happy to see this all happen!

So much good things happened this week I don't have time to write them all! But yesterday our investigators irma Zelena her daughter Keury and another investigator Arlinda (the sister of Tuta) came to church! They had good experiences and as long as everything goes well this week they will be baptised next saturday!

And a mini market opened that has tons of american products! So moral of the story I had Skittle & Peanut M&M's for the first time since the MTC and oh man soooo good! Oh yeah one other thing. Sis. Llano's goal is to get fat so she is making 4 cakes and 2 ice creams this week ... hmm we'll see what happens!

It is still hot and beautiful here! I am so happy to be here right now doing the Lord's work trying to help His children. I am so grateful for this opportunity and for all the love and support I have! I love you all so much!!

Sister Turner

At the baptism of Pedro
 irma Lopes & I

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