Monday, September 9, 2013

Chuvas!! (rain!!)

It sounds like you guys have had some crazy weather this weekend in Utah- so have we!! This morning was I think some sort of tropical or African or some kind of CRAZY storm. Yesterday was sooooo wind (a struggle trying to keep control of my skirt haha) and then it rained all through the night and even when we got up at 6:30 it was still pouring. And kept pouring. And pouring and gusting winds. The roads were flooded and a mess so we couldn't leave the apartment to do our p-day stuff like shopping and email until after 11 am. It was crazy! But then it stopped and was fine. And it is not very hot today which is nice :) I sent a picture of when it was flooding the other day too during lunch before baptisms!

I do not even know where this week went! On Tuesday was our investigator Arlinda's 19th birthday. (Same day as Makenzie! Happy Birthday Kenz!) We had a family night there and that was fun. Funny thing- all the get togethers here have the EXACT SAME treats: cake (bolo), popcorn (pepocas), juice (sumo), and crackers (bolachas). And if it is a special event then they will have the pudding de leite, which I love. I think it might be like flan? But I think it is different because I didn't like flan very much when I tried it before. Anywho it was good and she is doing so good too! When I first saw her I didn't really think at all that she would want to be baptized She looked kind of intimidating because she has scars on her face from a car accident, has tattoos and had multiple piercings. But then we started talking to her and getting to know her and she is so awesome! Then we started teaching her, she felt the spirit, she prayed, she started living the commandments, and she followed her desire to follow Jesus Christ. She was baptized on Saturday and received the Holy Ghost and confirmed a member of the church on Sunday :) She is so great we love her!

Also this week irma Zelena was baptized Haha she is the tiny one who I look like a giant next too. Her children went out of town this week so they weren't baptized and her daughter didn't want to be baptized yet. So even though she was going through with this all on her own she still kept going! She is an awesome lady and really proved her faith to the Lord. It made me really think about how we react to difficulties we can choose to keep going and be strong and prove our faith to the Lord.

Sorry this wasn't much this week the power keeps going out and we have to go to other places to try to find internet! But I am excited for this last week of the transfer! The president will make calls on Sunday so we will know what is happening with our area. I am so grateful to be here and for the love, the prayers and the support!

Until next week,
Loooove Sister Turner

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