Monday, September 2, 2013

2 month mark in the field!

Yep yesterday was my two month mark in the field! Crazy it has been two months since I saw you guys at the Marriot center! Yesterday/this week was full of miracles! Thank you so much for all your prayers, I know they are making a difference in the work here. :)
Yeah, yesterday guess how many investigators we had at church?? For I think a month we had not had ANY investigators coming to sacrament meeting. Yesterday there were 6!! SIX!! The family I mentioned last week, irma Zelena and her 3 kids Jovani, Deury, Keury all came to church, irmao Adi an investigator who we have been teaching since I was with Sister Graca last transfer came for the first time, and another investigator little Pedro came too! It was awesome!! After sacrament irmao Adi said he liked it and will come again next week! When investigators come to church they can feel the spirit, partake of the sacrament, get to know members, see how we worship every week and they can receive answers that this is the true church. Sim!
Also the conversion of the family of irma Zelena that we are seeing is a miracle too! Every time we go see them you can see how much happier they are, you can see they have a thirst to hear the word and have desires to follow. Heavenly Father blessed us this transfer with the opportunity to teach them, help them prepare for baptism, and hopefully become strong members of the church.
This weekend we were working SO HARD to help our investigator Lile prepare for baptism next week. We went to her house I think at least 100 times. And spent 2 hours on Saturday morning searching Belches to try and find her and I got sunburned. haha its a little late now but I am going to buy sun block today. Annnyyywho lets just say she isn't quite ready yet to be baptized which means we were not going to have a baptism again. It has been hard because every week this transfer something has happened and the baptisms we have had planned keep falling through. BUT then we keep working hard and the Lord blessed us and gave us a miracle! The Lord gave us a miracle and guided us to Pedro who we feel is ready to baptized this Saturday! He has been going to church with his aunt and uncle and has been taught by the missionaries before. He is 12 and is such a smart little guy, has so many good desires and has an infectious smile! We are so excited for him!
Also this week we had divisions! I was companions with Sis. Alvarado for two days this week. It was a good experience and I realized how much I have progressed in these first two months. From when I first got here and could barely speak portuguese or understand it, to this week with Sis. Alvarado where I was teaching and leading the whole lesson! (Praying a ton and trying the follow the spirit of course :) Haha in these moments I also realized how much more I have to work on and improve! It was good though and I am so grateful for how much the Lord has helped me progress thus far. Oh and the picture with me and sis. Alvarado ... she had a sore on her face and didn't want to go out alone and be the only one with a band-aid on her face. She insisted that even though I did not need a band-aid I must wear one too! Haha so I did. We both looked ridiculous with little band-aids on our faces but it was fine it was only for one day!
This morning we went to irma Didju's to get our hairs cut! I think she cut like an inch and a half ... but I am not really sure because I don't know how to say 'inch and a half' in portuguese. But after she cut it I told her she could 'pintiar' my hair or put braids in it, and then today I am like a real Cabo Verdiano!! Haha she did an awesome job!!
I keep forgetting to tell you that since the new rule about back packs I found a great Converse shoulder bag here in a boutique! I have been using it during proselyting and I can still use my back pack as my carry one for when we travel for transfers! Haha thanks Dad for the photos of you and Tim it looks beautiful there and like you are having a great time! And Tim-Tim I like your new sunglasses. I'm sorry you guys are still having car problems but Mom in your email when you said your horse would die I was laughing so much! And also about Grandpa and that lady who hit him, I can just see that in my head! haha!
Well just about out of time but I hope everyone is doing well and I am so grateful for all the prayers and support I know I have back home! I love you all so much and am looking forward to hearing from you next week!

Com muito amor MUITO,
Sister Turner
2 hrs on Saturday searching Belches,
I got sunburned
 I am like a real Cabo Verdiano!!

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