Monday, August 4, 2014


Kade Happy Birthday!! And congratulations to mom and dad too!! Kade I sent you an email so make sure you open your email to find it! Hope you had a good day! p.s. on the note of birthday´s... did tim-tim or grandma ever get my birthday letters? I don´t know how much I can trust the mail on boa vista... Arizona looked like lots of fun Dad and Tim, I enjoyed all the pictures too from Josh´s baptism! Congratulations to you Josh and Haliey on your baptisms. I hope your day was very special.

Yeah so July went by in a blink literally. I feel like it was translated buh dun tch ;) haha but really from july´s fast sundayto yesterday´s fast sunday felt like nothing.
This week just flew by and I am just going to give a little update on Nilton and Indira´s progress.
2. We taught them about obedience and then later in the week about chastity and marriage and it was great. The scriptures and the family proclamation are so clear about what God´s true standard is for the family. They were showing some signs of worry about getting married ´so young´ (they are in their late twenties). And I understand because they honestly have so few examples of good, righteous marriages here, in Boa Vista especially. But we just were straight forward with them and explained if they want to be obedient to this commandment they will prepare to get married as soon as possible. And we testified of the examples of our familes and friends who are sealed in the temple and how blessed we are! Nilton was already asking how they would be able to get to the temple! haha calma! But after the lesson we ran into Indira a few minutes later in a little shop and she told us after we left their house Nilton asked her if she wanted to marry him!!! We were screaming and jumping and so excited when she told us!! Seriously for people here to want to get married requires a miracle. Or just the Holy Ghost really! But yeah we are so excited for them and they are just doing great right now still coming to activities and to church. Our branch president is being a huge help too since we literally only have 2 married couples in our branch. And speaking of that President Luis and Jackie are going to the temple in Brazil this week to get sealed! Then we will have one sealed couple yay! Okay so this is ending kind of randomly but that was the highlight of the week. :)

com amor,
Sister Turner

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