Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Boa Tarde!

Little side note before my email: I just got my `trunky call´ about an hour ago! They are scheduling my end date as Nov. 11 (less than 3 months!!!!) The mission office is requesting my travel to be booked and I will be receiving my itinerary probably a month or so before I will leave. That is so soon, crazy!

Okay so this week ... sounds like you guys are having way worse weather than here! Way humid here- so much so that my hair is still damp from my shower this morning. Yep. And REAL hot with some spotty rain. Well our flight off of Boa Vista got delayed and changed several times so we did not get in to Praia until Wednesday night. Had a sentimental last flight into the island of Santiago, next time I fly it will be to leave. We passed through my old area Mount Vermelho bem rapido and visited some of my favorite members like Mama and Eugenio! The next day had a big training on well, oddly enough, training. We met our companions and I am training Sister Coelho from Lisboa, Portugal! She is happy to be serving and is already doing a great job! The training was really good and just got me even more excited to use the 12 week program with Sister Coelho. Before all of us smashing into a Hiace to go to Assomada we stopped by a gas station and guess what we found? Pecan Haagen Daz ice cream!! Haha we ate that on the way.
Us in the car
So now for our area - This time I am in a different area than last year. Our area includes Nhagar, Boa Entrada (straight up switch backs like hiking the Y!) and Achada Gomes (also a hike and so pretty! I will send pictures in the future). Also I don´t think I mentioned that there haven´t been sisters here in almost a month so we are white washing the area. This is the 4th consecutive white wash of my mission! Hahaha I guess it is just always the will of Heavenly Father to have me white wash. Well anywho I think this has been the smoothest so far. Most of the members have been really helpful in showing us around the area and giving us LOTS of references too. We talked to our bishop/ward mission leader for an over an hour our first day here and he was so helpful in showing where there is need in the ward, and potential investigators. I am really looking forward to working here the last part of my mission! Yesterday at church we got to meet even more members and families here and I just know I am going to love the people of Assomada. And I love Assomada because I get to eat mangoes and fresh fruit all the days. muhaha! Training is also a sweet experience because I too get to review and re-evaluate where I am and learn what I need to do to improve. That will be a skill l know I will be able to use all my life.

I just have to say that I love the mission. And when I think about why? The answer is because of my increased testimony, the habits I have created that will be a blessing the rest of my life and the abundance of the Spirit I have felt especially in seeing other accept the gospel. And I know these things are available to anyone who does any type of missionary work. Whether it is in the full time field, in temple and family history work, or most importantly in the walls of our own homes. I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ and He is the one directing this work because it truly is His.The work of salvation. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Sister Turner
This bread stuff is cous cous
Seth, the shoe cobbler in Boa Vista
Mama and Eugenio in Praia
Maracuja, mango and papaya in Assomada

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