Monday, August 18, 2014

Ups and downs in Boa Vista!

Hello! Thank you so much for sending the pictures and video of the mission call opening! We are flying to Sal tomorrow for zone conference and I will be able to use the pictures for the activity they are doing so thanks again!

The weather there sounds like what we are heading into here... the past several days have been way overcast (AND SO HUMID) we are just waiting for rain any time now. But rain in Boa Vista is not a very good thing if it is strong. Tons of peoples homes will flood and this one area of the city called Baraca will pretty much turn into a giant puddle and cause a lot of problems for the people there. Their homes are made out of some cinder blocks but also pieces of wood, tin and plastic so basically they don´t handle the rain at all... Also there is an outlet that drains the water from about half the island into the ocean. And the road that connects to the airport and the big hotels goes over it. Last year they built a bridge over it and the rain was so bad the water rose so much that it washed away the whole bridge! One of our investigators past 15 days stuck at his work because there was no way to get back. It´s bad. They have been constructing another bridge and everyone is praying they finish before rainy season hits AND that it is stronger than the last bridge... pray for them please. We will let you know how it goes!

Also I don´t know how much you guys have heard about that EBOLA virus in west africa. So far there have been no cases in Cabo Verde so hopefully it stays that way!

This week was... rough. One of the biggest struggles we have had in a while with not being able to find our investigators or less actives or even members! Summer time here is also a busy time just like at home. We have been praying so much and especially to have patience as we keep searching for the people that the Lord is preparing to receive the gospel. I absolutely love teaching. The struggle is when we can´t find people to teach! But we have been asking for references a lot and hopefully that will start bearing some fruits soon. Even amidst trial I am always trying to count the blessings. For starters: Sister Goss is awesome. I really do enjoy serving with her. She is a great missionary and we have a lot of fun times! She is patient with me :) ... (I will explain more in a minute). Also we had the neat experience to help our recent convert Tchinha prepare to give his first talk. He was so nervous when he received the assignment and was so frustrated too! But thankfully the Spirit guided us to know how to help and use the scriptures to help him understand his topic. Now that he has studied more he just keeps saying how it is going to be so easy and he will be able to give lots of talks in the future too! Okay and here is the part about patience. Tchina found these sea shells for us when he was lobster diving. He had a friend of his trim it so you can blow into it and kind of turn it into a horn. I was so excited to get this and turns out I don´t do it well. At all. OR so I thought. I was playing around with it today and figured out you don´t blow air into like at instrument, it is more like a mega phone! And it was rediculously loud! SOOOO for a solid half an hour I was singing all the most random hymns and making sound effects and laughing and crying it was so much fun!!! Hahaha sister Goss was just laughing even though I was being so obnoxious! She said there is a reason you have to find them all the way on the bottom of the ocean- God was trying to hide them from his children so they will not annoy him! Haha now shell shell has an awesome sea shell to bring home. :)

Okay I hope everyone has a good week and will find the joy in the little blessings the Lord gives us. Read the Book of Mormon and pray everyday! These two simple things will honestly do miracles. I love you!

-Sister Turner

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