Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The first "ber" is SeptemBER!

We had a conference all day in Praia yesterday so our p-day is today.

Sister Llano always told us when the "bers" come then she would "die". And now it is true for ME too! Swiss days sounds like it was fun and if it is Swiss days that means that it is September and school is starting too. haha after serving in Assomada I am going to be more than ready for BYU campus! Geez I think I will be willing to walk anywhere in Provo! Oh yeah one hymn I randomly start singing is ´o fim se aproxima´ which means the end is near haha. Just to put it into perspective you all will probably get only 9 more weekly emails and that´s it! BUT before that there is still lots of work to be done!

This week went well and we had a lot of help from members to find investigators and less actives. We are teaching the first lesson a ton which is great especially since that and the plan of salvation are my favorite things to teach! Every single investigator and member needs to have a testimony of the Restauration so that is where we are starting. Yesterday we had a mission tour conference with Elder Morreira of the europe area seventy. Along with the great trainings from President and Sister Mathews I learned and was uplifted so much. A quote they shared from Pres. Henry B. Eyring really got me thinking.

"There are two types of missionaries. Missionaries who know the plan of Salvation, and missionaries who see the world through the eyes of the plan of Salvation."

I am still thinking a lot on that. I want to be a missionary that sees the world through the plan of salvation. And I am grateful that the Spirit told me things I need to improve so that I can give my all to the Lord. I think that quote could apply to all members. Because honestly we are all working for the same cause, to bring salvation to the children of men.

So remembering what we learned in the conference we had a neat experience on the hiace back to Assomada. A family of a man, woman, and infant were sitting behind us. I felt the need to talk with them especially since a huge focus of our training to was on families. So basically I am praying for the spirit to give me the words and then I just start testifying and teaching the 1st lesson. We invited them to learn more, then man hesitated. I was thinking oh no he is going to say he is a strong member of another faith. (me being doubtful thomas) Well the man responds that he is already a member and has been inactive for around 10 years! They live in the area of the other sisters so they took their info and everything and we invited them to church on sunday. I don´t know how God makes it all work, but we were prepared to be there in that moment with them and once I opened my mouth the Spirit did the rest. I always say this work is amazing, but really the opportunity to be on the earth and prepare to return to Heavenly Father is the most amazing blessing. I love you all. If I really did count all my blessings ... I don´t even think I can! Keep up the great work you all are doing of living the gospel and I can´t wait to hear from you next week!

Sister Turner

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