Monday, June 2, 2014

June is here! 5 Months to go!!

Boa Tarde tudo mundo!

How are you guys doing today?? The graduation pictures looked great and so did tim-tim´s announcement! That was cool how he was dancing and how there was the argyle that matched his socks, I liked that! That is a bummer though that he has been sick these days, I´m sorry. I hope he gets feeling better as soon as possible. Oh man I just still can´t believe it that he graduated that is crazy! I am glad you guys got my postcard and liked it. :)

So here are some random updates:
A couple weeks ago I put my tennis shoes on to excerise and much to my surprise they were 2 sizes too small! What?? How did that happen?! Haha well when I packed my stuff from Praia I accidently grabbed Sister Nelson´s nikes that look the exact same as mine and are just a different size. So when I realize this I call Nelsloth and she says "that is why my shoes felt so big when I was running!" hahah oops. So my shoes are in Fogo and her shoes are here in Boa Vista. Well I suppose that would only happen to us, hahha I just think it is too funny!

Today I printed the lyrics to the american patriotic hymns and am going to tape them into my portuguese hymnbook. Flag day is coming up and 4th of July too! Haha we have to sing the songs to honor our country! Some sisters think I am really patriotic, and I suppose I am. I love America.

Our apartment flooded. The water was out and we forgot that we tried to turn on the water. So while we were sleeping the water came back and the faucets were still open soooo it flooded. We only have one tiny baby mop and it was not doing the job. There was a lot of water. We both used our microfibere towels to sop up the water and then ring it our into a bucket. And that is totally worked and cleaned the flood in less than an hour!

And last but not least ... WE FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON! YESSSSS. It really was so great reading it this month. Yeah it took a TON of time but it was wonderful. My testimony grew and I learned so much. And now I am more excited to teach our investigators and less-actives about the importance of daily scripture study. It is seriously so vital to study God´s word every. single. day. Daily prayer and scripture study is what makes your breaks our ability to stay active in the gospel. I love the scriptures they are such a blessing to us.

This week we had a great lesson with Tchina (lobster fisherman with the dreds). The lesson previous we had invited him to start reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning. When we came back a few days later and asked how it was going we could not believe the answer. He had read all the way to Jacob! That is 140 pages into the Book of Mormon! WHAT? But sure enough he said when he is out on the water fishing he is thinking about when he can come home to keep reading. Miracle. And we asked him how he is feeling when he reads and how he is feeling about the Book of Mormon and he responded that he know for sure that the book is true. How can that happen?? Only by the power of the Holy Ghost! Ah man it was such a great lesson and he is doing so well. He is going to get baptized in 2 weeks. I love this work and seeing the light of the gospel help people change their lives. Have a great week and I hope tim-tim gets better quick! Amo voces mais do que voces sabem!


Com amor,
Sister Turner

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