Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Baptism in Boa Vista

JUNE 9,2014

Yes, this weekend we had our first baptism here!!

It was interesting but went so well! I can´t remember how much I have written you guys about Ima. He talked to us in a bank near the end of last transfer so that was how we met him and started teaching him. He is a really calm little man that works in a auto body shop. Right from the begining he accepted the gospel and started living the commandments. He recognized that this is the right path or "bom caminho" as he always says. Haha speaking of what he says, he only speaks creole and understands almost no Portuguese... so lets just say if we didn't have a member with us ... we were trying real hard to speak creole. yeah. Anywho ,we all made it through and Ima started building his testimony and was baptized! Him and another woman Elsa (investigator of the elders) both have fear of water and did not want to be baptized in the ocean. So we piled everybody into the pickup truck taxis we have here in Boa Vista and went to a nearby hotel where elders  had arranged with and talked to. Sooo that means I have now had investigators baptized in-
1. the font inside the church
2. tank that is outside of the church
3. the ocean
4. hotel swimming pool
I don´t know what more we could add to that list. But I still have 5 months so we´ll see! The baptism went really well and it was so good to have so many members come to. Ima was so peaceful and happy afterwards. He bore a very simple testimony at the church that was so nice. We are very grateful we got to teach him and are so happy for him!

I am excited for everyone in the stake to go on trek soon! That should be lots of fun, a hard but spiritually edifying experience as it was for me. I am actually a bit jealous! haha but you everything will be great and especially everyone will love you  Mom and Dad for the food you will make them! The parade looked great everyone was looking good in their get-up! Haha especially Grandpa in his all black- that one is a classic. And Kayan is so cute! Every time I get pictures of him he gets cuter and cuter! I am so excited to meet him. :)

For integration night we did a spiritual thought about temples. It was so class because we showed some videos from the church website and made handouts with the little temple pictures you sent in my easter package. They loved them!
These are fishing boats, but we are fishers of men! Literally we have almost no female investigators... There are few women on this island!
Oops looks like someone started a garden! haha I found a little 2 lbs. bag of REAL potting soil that was super cheap. I couldn't help myself. :)
Oh, and our investigator Tchinha offered us some free live lobster!
Well I just have to say how blessed we are feeling. And as members of the church we should always try to count the bountiful blessings the Lord gives us. I am so grateful to be here. Through these emails I can barely express the experiences I am having, the amazing people here, and the way my testimony is being strengthened. But I hope that everyone can feel my love and see the way the Lord is blessing us. I love you all so much!

-Sister Turner

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