Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tchinha´s baptism!!

JUNE 16, 2014
Dad Happy Father´s Day yesterday! I love you! I did not forget I promise! I hope you had a good day and enjoyed Brandon´s Homecoming. Thank you for all that you do for our family and for holding and honoring the priesthood. I look forward to receiving a father´s blessing in a "few" more months! :)

You all are going on trek this week! The prepartion sounds like it is all done now you just need to get out and get trekking! All the family history and studying you are doing mom does sound so interesting. That is so fun to learn about our ancestors and remember the legacy of their sacrifice. What great examples they were to us and the memory of them will strengthen us in the battles we are fighting in our day. I hope you all have a wonderful time and I can´t wait to hear how it was!

Before I write about the baptism please enjoy this photo of the place we email at every week. It is literally the only one on the island as far as I know. haha this was last week when the power was out so they hooked up the gas generator so we could keep using the internet. haha one word- ghetto. BUT it solved the problem so we can´t complain. Also please note the four-wheeler that WAY too many people ride here. The europeans and the tourists just love them! They are so loud on the street though so I am less of a fan...

That is the brazil flag flying at the ´bar´ across the street from our house. The world cup is going on right now and EVERYBODY watches it. (and no one wants to talk to us) Even though cabo verde is not playing ... from our window we can see a brazilian flag, a french flag, a portuguese flag and an espanola flag. These people crack me up.

Okay, okay, okay so this week Tchinha was baptized and it was sooo great!! haha his real name is Aguinaldo if i never mentioned that. This man is honestly one of the most elect and prepared (by the Lord, not us) investigators I have had my entire mission. His motivation and desire to keep the commandments is just jaw dropping! He was willing to make all the changes necessary to become clean through baptism and become a member of the church. I don´t if you recognize him because he cut off his dreds! Here in cabo verde this is something so many people will NOT do. He made big changes and quit smoking too!! Everytime we visit with him he just has more and more fogo to live the gospel and learn more about it! He is anxious to be able to offer the prayer in church and give a talk and especially to help his children join the church. It is just inspiring. He was so at peace and happy with his baptism! Everything ran real smooth and he was excited to be baptized in the ocean which is his second home.
Tchinha is so great, we feel so blessed that the Lord led us to him and prepared him to receive the gospel. He scarcely lets go of the Book of Mormon, and has already read half way through it! He will be such a strong member and may be the first priesthood holder on Boa Vista who is from Boa Vista and not another island or country! We are excited to see the progress he will continue to make as he keeps living the gospel. That was the highlight of our week for sure, haha teaching him has been the highlight of our time in Boa Vista!
The church received it´s official sign on Saturday and we took this picture just moments after they placed it! haha literally you can see the scaffolding and power drill behind us!

Well I need to go now but I hope you All can hear my testimony ringing through the experiences that I share. I know the Holy Ghost touches hearts, and helps people change. And not just for people investigating the church but for anyone who will humbly call on God for help. I love the gospel and am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you All have a great week and a great week on trek! As always thank you for the prayers and I can´t wait to hear from you next week!  Amo voces!!

-Sister Turner

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