Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Short and Sweet

Oh no this is short I am sorry! I promise next week I will write more! 

So it was transfers and we get to stay here, YAY!! We are pumped and I am officially going to be Sister Turley´s last companion and kill her!

I can´t believe tim-tim graduated from seminary last week and is graduating from high school this week. THAT IS CRAZY!! Lil tim-tim is not little anymore! I hope that everything goes great and that you guys have a nice time! I will be there in spirit and sending lots of prayers. And you guys should send pics of his announcement and lots of pics from the grad ceremony! :)

We had another good week and are having great progress with some of our investigators! I am sending some pictures from after church of us with some members and some investigators. The guy with the bleached dreds is named aginaldo and he is lobster fisherman. This sunday was the first time he came to church and he was there before we were! And on top of that he loved it! He is so prepared and is working hard to do what is right. He is a great guy. I will write about all the miracles that happened to find him.

Well time is up... I wish I could write more. But where I lack in writing I send in prayers. Thank you always for your love and support in me being here doing the Lord´s work. I am so lucky to have you guys. Have a great week and have fun at graduation! love you!

-Sister Turner

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