Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rough start to the week...

It hit me this week that Mother´s Day is coming up and we are going to skype in less than 2 weeks! YAY! I am excited to chat with everyone and to see little kayan!! Also I am so excited for Kade and Annie´s wedding!! I was so very happy to read that in your email. And so jealous that you are going to make strawberry cake for them! Yum! Also the tulip festival looks gorgeous. After being in a third world country for so long, you kind of forget how beautiful things are in America! Mom I´m glad you survived prom week! I recall going in and sitting in the shop with you in the middle of all that madness, and I wasn´t very helpful. But it was nice to hang out with you and you always gave me lots of treats too!

Sooo we kind of had a rough week with teaching ... but there was good stuff that happened and we are still smiling! Especially at the end of the week our branch had a really good activity and tons of people came. I love this branch so much! Everyone is really trying their best, and helping out doing their part, so the end product is that usually things work out well! Our part of the building where we hold church is under construction right now. It is good because they are building walls so we will have more classrooms but then puts a pause on the branch activities that we normally have almost every weeknight. Haha I offered to help do the mudding and taping to get the work moving faster! If grandma was here directing them it would have been done a long time ago! ;)

The photos this week-
I found a neat feature on my camera that makes a picture collage from a video, so hahaha here is a silly one of me trying so do summer saults at the sand dunes!
More of our cute easter eggs! Thanks again mom :)
A shot of the view from our apartment window, the water is SO BLUE!
And last but not least, scone with nutella and powder sugar! yessss i love myself. sister turley knows how to make cinnamon rolls so i said sister lets use that dough to make scones! Yum so good, it reminded me when we would always make scones on sundays. Oh and of course I made some honey butter too!

So I don´t have a lot to write this week but I did want to share an experience I had. Yesterday afternoon I was needing a little something so I opened the october conference ensign and read some talks. Through what I read (elder cook´s talk about peace, and also the young women talks by sister dibb and sister cook) I felt I needed to write in my journal some too. It is hard to describe but the Spirit was guiding me to do those things so that I could have a spiritual experience and feel the love of the Lord. It was a tender experience and was just what I was needing after having a bit of a hard week. I konw that Heavenly Father loves us so deeply. Everything we go through is for our good and our spiritual progression if we rely on the Atonement. I love the gospel.

Well that was a some what scattered email... ta bom! I love you guys and can´t wait to chat in two weeks. The church is true!

Sister Turner

p.s. Oh and this is random but Mom thanks for teaching me how to clean ... I cleaned our apartment this week, it was nasty. anywho LOVE YOU!

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