Monday, April 21, 2014

First week in Boa Vista

First things first- Happy Annivarsary Mom and Dad! Hope you guys have a great day and know that I am thinking of you guys extra today :) It sounds like Tim-Tim had a good birthday and everyone had a good Easter too, I´m happy to hear that! We also had a great Easter sacrament meeting and afterwards dyed eggs which was fun! There are some investigators of our branch who are from places like Guinea Bissau and they don't speak Portuguese just English so I translated during sacrament meeting. It was interesting haha! It was a neat experience and I was feeling the Spirit 1. help me so much to translate and 2. testify to me of the truthfulness of the Ressurrection of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for this season of the year that we have to remember our Savior a little more.

This week was a little crazy but it was good! We love Boa Vista so much and are so excited to work here. It is BEAUTIFUL and the branch here is AWESOME. We did have a little bit of a hard time finding our investigators which is normal after white washing an area. We are working though and know it will get better. But really the branch has been helpful and are really united so it just has a great feeling being with them.

Oh funny story so when we got here we didn't have water in our apartment for 4 days. So I sent a picture of the man named igalnaldo who we bought water from every day! He is our neighbor and is such a nice little old man.

The elders had baptism on saturday and Medea who got baptised was just so happy! You could tell that he really felt the spirit at his baptism. It was beautiful. The city in the background is our area Sal Rei!

Today we had an activity and went to the sand dunes! Oh my goodness so much sand. Just look at us in the hiace on the way back, our hair was full of sand! I have some funny videos to send but it isn't working today.

Yesterday was some championship soccer game so it was kind of hard to find our investigators at home. While we were out this man called out to us ´hey are you guys who I think you are?´ Yep we are missionaries! Well he was a tourist and talked to us for a good 15 minutes. He had a TON of questions but at the end when we tried to mark an appointment with him but he just said he wanted to argue with us. Okay fair enough. I am glad he was honest! I had never had an experience like that on my whole mission. It just made me even more grateful to be serving here in Cabo Verde. This country is full of people who really are seeking the truth! I am so grateful to be here. The mission truly is a humbling experience. I am incredible grateful for the testimony of the gospel that we have. We understand our purpose here on earth and what we must do to return to our Heavenly Father´s presence. He loves us so much. The love we feel for the people here isn't our love, but really the love of Heavenly Father. Oh I love the gospel, so perfect.

Another hour has past so I must go now. But I need you guys to know that I love you so much! Always thank you for everything and have a wonderful week!

com amor,
Sister Turner

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