Monday, February 10, 2014

Zone Conference and a good week!

First things first-

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I hope you have a great day AND are feeling better AND can feel my love I am sending your way AND remember how grateful I am for you and the wonderful example you are to me and all those around you AND I love you Rockstar! :)

Thanks everyone for the birthday emails! My birthday was Tuesday when we had zone conference and it was so great! The conference was seriously probably the best of my mission so far. The Spirit was so strong. I was just sitting there baling the majority of the time ... and afterwards that song "its my birthday and i'll cry if i want to" came to my head hahaha! But they were good tears, dont worry. :) I left the conference feeling so fortified! Also the senior couple sisters made me and sis. Llano birthday cake, they are so sweet.

There is a couple in our ward named Mama and Eugenio and they had their 40 annivarsary this week. We gave mama the idea to throw a surpise for Eugenio, and it worked! Haha eugenio totally forgot the day of so he was super surprised. They are an awesome couple in our ward and just got sealed in the temple in august of 2013.

Two quick things before I tell you about an awesome lesson we had this week.

-we went on the bus today (only cost 44 escudos which is like 50 cents mais ou menos) to platuea (a fancy part of praia) to buy some fish and we passed by this pharmacy. I don't know if I will be buying anything from there ...

-we made sis. Llano lunch today for her birthday, also because she only has one week left. :( We are so sad she is going but on the upside it gave us reason to make kru. *so good!, I love myself* hahaha also this is my fork. No one uses it but me.

Okay enough silliness. I want to tell you guys about Veronica. One night a couple weeks ago we were walking with elders to our investigators baptismal interview. Some one was up the hill yelling to us "sisters! sisters!" and telling us to go up there. We yelled that we would after because we were already running late and we couldn't even tell who the person was. You have to understand, so many people and kids will yell out to us to say hi and so it wasn't abnormal. Anywho after the interview we passed by again and no one was there. Me and Sister Valenzuela almost just kept going because we had another appointment. But something (the Spirit obviously) told me we needed to walk up there. So we go and she is in the house still and we start talking to her. And it was great- she says "eu quero frequentar vossa igreja" which means "I want to go to your church". YES. So we marked with her and started teaching her. It has been a few weeks now and she went to church the first time this week! On Saturday night she came and met us at the church (her house doesn't have light/electricity) so we could teach her. We taught about the Sacrament and the lesson went well. At the end we invited her to pray again to ask if the church is true. Haha then listen to what the power of the Spirit is- she said "I already prayed and I already got my answer. And I feel like I am ready to be baptized." YES YES YES!!! Oh man seriously miracles. We still have more things to teach her but she should be baptized in a few weeks.

My testimony is simple- this truly is the Lord's work. Like in Alma 26:12, I really am nothing. It is the Lord that is working all these miracles in the lives of His children and I just have the blessed opportunity to witness it.

I love you all so much and truly am blessed through your support and prayers!

Just one more time mom- Happy Birthday! Parabens! Feliz Anivasario! Love you!

-Sister Turner

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  1. Michelle, hope your birthday was GREAT!! Sounds like you're doing great things! So great to keep up with your stories!