Monday, February 24, 2014


hahaha sorry about the cheesy email subject but I just had to make a Bon Jovi plug.

Yep on Saturday (15th) I hit my 9 month mark. CRAZY. I still donºt really believe it that time is going by so fast. I am so looking forward to the next 9 months of my mission. I am sure they are going to be just as good if not better than the first 9! I still have lots to learn, tons of people to meet, and more growth to do, I just hope 9 months will be enough time to do it all! I have been reflecting this week on the first half fo my mission. Even through all the craziness, the ups and downs and just everything the overlying theme I realized was blessings. The Lord has blessed and strengthened and guided me so much through this experience thus far. I have gained a greater testimony of the restored gospel, and that is something irreplaceable. I have to give Him credit for everything really! Yeah pretty much the mission is just amazing.

Mom are you getting better?? I hope so! What exactly was wrong at first, was it an allergic reaction of some kind? I will keep praying! Oh yeah and those arrangements looked awesome. :)
I am so glad that Tasia and Ryan are doing well! Can you send me a pic??

Valentines night after we planned we made crepes and they were delicious because of the nutella i got in my package. sooo good.

That random place is right next to our investigators house. I like to call it little farm country. Please try and count the 7 1/2 baby goats in the picture. ;)

Sorry this isn´t very much this week. But our week was good! We had some neat experiences being led by the spirit to find new investigators and I am excited to keep teaching them.

Also this week Sister Llano went home! We are going to miss our filipina so much. She really was such a good trainer and friend to me my whole mission. Cabo Verde just wonºt be the same without her! But she has a 10 year visa to america so hopefully she will be able to visit america one day and you guys could meet her!
That is so awesome about Noelle!! I was pumped when I saw that picture! Tell her I saw congrats!

Here is a picture of our zone from last transfer, I forgot to send it!

Well that was a super scatter brained email... next week will be better!

Okay I hope everyone is well and I love you all and I hope my letters will get to you guys! Maybe it is the ice storms that are stopping them...?

Sister Turner

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