Monday, February 3, 2014

Almost old ... tomorrow!

Bom dia!

MOM What is happening to your eyes & face?!?!?! Oh my goodness they are not looking okay :/ I'm so sorry. I hope they get better as soon as possible, I will be praying extra!

This week was a little weird and had some changes but it had many good things also.

For starters- I got my package! I LOVED IT!! So Mom, Grandma and everyone who contributed to it THANKS!!! Oh man everything in there was perfect!! And you guys PACKED that box! I was just like what?? there is more stuff in here?!? I loved all the clothes and the treats and the journal and the photos and really just everything was perfect. Thank you guys so much!! I loved it. :) I couldn't watch the video you sent because of the computer but I will eventually!
Then after we ate some fruit snacks (soooo good) my Chilean Sister Valenzuela was transferred to Sal. sad. But she is an awesome missionary and I know she is really going to help the branch there.
Now I am sister training leader in Praia and I am companions with Sister Veira (the little cabo verdiana in the picture). She is a mini missionary (mission of only a few months) and is really cool. I first met here when I served in the ward in Assomada and now we are comps! Haha she wanted me to tell you guys she wants to go to our house when she visits america.
This weekend our stake conference was a broadcast for Spain, Portugal and Cabo Verde! Elder Ballard spoke and some other general authorities also, it was way sweet! The messages were really centered on families and on missionary work so it was all filled with the spirit and great.

I went to a leadership conference this week and it was an awesome experience. We made plans and goals for our zone and got to hear trainings from President Oliveira. The Spirit was so strong and I am so grateful that the Lord's work is led by inspired leaders like him. I am so blessed to be here. And in just in general we are so blessed as the people of The Lord. The Lord loves me as He does all of His children.

I hope you get better mom and things get sorted out & fixed with the damage to house ! I am praying for you guys!

Sister Turner

p.s. I sent last weeks baptism photos.
p.s.s. -Mom- when is Annie & Kades due again? mid or late february? I hope she and the baby are doing well!

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