Monday, January 27, 2014

Fast week!

Hello! I am glad that dad and grandpa had a good birthday! Tucanos sounds amazing.
Oh goodness this week just flew right by. I can hardly believe it is time to email again!

Sorry about the house! That is crazy I can't believe it! I hope it all gets fixed okay and doesn't cost too much. Before I forget for the 3rd week in a row- I got my haircut. Yeah this Brazilian woman cut it and she did a good job I like it. She cut a few inches and did layers.

Anywho the important stuff that happened this week- Ney, Gerson and Eva were baptized!!!
(Eva is technically a baptism of the ward because she is 8, but we passed by and taught her the lessons and helped prepare her- she is such a little cutie!)
We were super excited about the baptisms of Ney and Gerson because when we started teaching them last transfer they were not progressing...
The very first day we taught in Monte Vermelho we were trying to contact an investigator the sisters before us were teaching. Well she wasn't home. But her neighbor this random man called at to us so we went up to his house. And that was how we met Ney. He lives in just one room, all alone, has a bed, a table, a couple of old tvs and thats about it. He speaks THICK creole and at first didn't seem very intelligent. But we started teaching him and we more than pleasantly surprised! He totally understands the doctrine and he had already read the whole bible cover to cover. But like I said at first he wasn't progressing he wasn't coming to church, and he was still drinking alcohol. We ran into him muliple times when he was drunk which is always disheartening as a missionary. But then a miracle happened. On the first sunday of the year he came to church! And every sunday after that! And since the 1st of January he stopped drinking! He told us his friends will offer him drinks and he said he tells them no because he remembers his body is a temple and the spirit of God can't dwell with him if he is drinking. Yes! He gets it!! So yeah he is doing great and just loved his baptism. He was so excited he walked all the way there and was an hour early!

Gerson's sister Andrea is a member and he had been taught a ton in the past and was really close to baptism. Well we taught him in the beginning of last transfers and he basically wouldn't talk to us anymore. At all. We marked another appointment but something came up and we didn't make it. So we kind of just gave him some space because he didn't seem interested. But THEN also on the 1st sunday of the month he came to church! Haha what we were so surprised?? Well turns out a member invited him so he came! We marked another appointment and after that he really opened up to us and showed his desire to be baptized. He is the only boy in his family and has I think 6 sisters- even though he was so quiet at first he is actually this hilarious kid! After his baptism we asked him how was it?? hahaha his response was COLD! Oh man he and Ney are both great!

But yeah that was most of our week we had other good lessons and stuff too of course! It is still surprisingly chilly here. I hope everyone is doing well and is happy! We are just here and the Lord is working miracles in the lives of these people. This really is the best work there is and we all have our part to do! I love you guys so much and am always praying for you and am blessed by your prayers. Okay until next week-

Love from cabo verde,
Sister Turner

p.s...more pictures next week the internet is struggling today.

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