Monday, December 9, 2013

Transfers again!

Boa tarde!

It is hard to believe that today I am starting my 5th transfer! Yesterday night was transfer calls and I am going back to the island of Santiago! I am going to serve in the area of Mount Vermelho with Sister Valenzuela who was in the MTC at the same time as me! Also from when we lived together in the same apartment in Assomada, I know that she loves kru. So we are going to work really hard, have a really good transfer and hopefully eat a lot of raw tuna. :) Sister Barros is also getting transferred to an area on Santiago so we are excited to be traveling together! Our flight leaves in about 4 hours, so we will just have the rest of our p-day and head out. We have a family night planned tonight with our investigators John and Artemisia. They are the parents of some of my favorite members Rosi and Jailson and they are such a nice couple! But with our flight we are only going to be able to stop by for a second and say bye, drop off the pudim de leite I promised I would make and then it is off to the airport!

Thank you all for the emails. Your words strengthen me, I really appreciate them and love reading them! And it is good to know that Tim Tim is getting to eat some good cheese. Okay so I LOVED the photos of the Christmas decorations!!! Mom the house looks SOOO CUTE!! The garland above the pictures in the living room is so pretty, you are a pro! And the tree too! That is a proper Christmas tree. Most of the trees here are only 2 feet tall... its just not the same. Oh yeah and speaking of Christmas I actually didn't get my package yet. BUT... since I am going to Praia tonight I will hopefully be able to get it from the mission office soon. I am really excited! :)

Good news about Teresa (the woman with us in the picture) - So we couldn't get permission to go out to Palmeira where she lives because it is too far. But we told her she could come to Espargos and we could teach her in the chapel. And she came! We reviewed the first lesson with her and sister Barros invited her to be baptized and her reply was ´ka tem problema!´ which is creole for ´no problem!´ Hahaha it was great! She was taught by the missionaries in the past and has such a sweet, genuine spirit with desire to follow Jesus Christ. We marked appointments for her to come to Espargos more this week and if everything goes well she will be baptized on the 21st of December. It is a bummer that we won´t be her to keep teaching her but the next missionaries coming to Sal will keep working with her!

Sorry but I still don't know about when we get to call or skype. Hopefully by next Monday I will know and can tell you guys the details!

Also a cool piece of news- The island of Sao Nicolau is opening to missionaries! Maio opened a month or so ago I forgot to mention but that means now all the inhabited islands have missionaries now! The work is going forth and it is so exciting!

Okay so that's all I think? Everyone have a good week and try to stay warm! I think the Christmas devotional is coming up so I hope you enjoy that. Sempre eu sou grata pelas oracoes and pelo apoio eu estou a receber. Muito obrigada estou a enviar meu amor!! Tchau!

-Sister Turner

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