Monday, October 21, 2013

My Body and my Brain are confused I think....

Boa Tarde, tudo dret?

Another week flew by here in Sal and it is almost Halloween but the weather feels like summer so my body and my brain are confused I think haha.

We did have a good week. Sister Abreu and Sister Varela were mini missionaries with us waiting for their visas to Brazil. They left this week so we are missing them! My brain is a little scattered right now so I have no promises about how this email will be! Oh but I don´t have my memory card with me so I will send pictures next week.

A neat experience happened on maybe Tuesday? or Wednesday. Well anywho we went to meet our investigator to go with her to the branch activity. But she was not home so then I said well maybe she went to the church for the activity. So we go to the church and the activity really was't that night and she was't there. Okay. So at the church we run into another member and ask him if he will go teaching with us to our next appointment, and he says yeah! Sweet. So we walk over there and our investigator isn't home. But then our Kuku asks the guy who answers the door if we can talk to him for 5 minutes, and he says yes! So that is how we met Elder. We talked to him and taught him about prayer. We found out that he really doesn't know if Jesus Christ is the son of God. We taught him how to pray and invited him to pray about Jesus Christ. It is such an amazing feeling being able to be apart of the process of someone coming to know their Savior. We are going to teach him Tuesday. I´m excited!

On a more shallow note- I found real butter this week. REAL BUTTER. I was pretty ridiculously excited about and the whole grain bread we bought also. I will send a picture next week. I like the food here in Sal, we also have a shwarma place. mmm shwarma. Also the little kids here call us ´touristas!´ and we are teaching them one by one ámi sister!´ haha!

To top off the week Saturday Leila got baptized She is awesome and her baptism was so neat. All weekend we had been praying so much that she would feel the spirit at her baptism. And when she got out of the font she just stood there for a moment with her face in her towel. She was crying and feeling the Spirit soooo much! We asked how she felt and was saying it was just the most amazing feeling and that she knows that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. And she knows this is the right path that she must follow. It was a sweet experience we were so happy for her. She is a strong lady. She has absolutely no family here in Sal and she is raising her son on her own. We know the gospel will bless her life. Also Sunday when she was confirmed it was really neat. :)

Hmm I think that is all for this week. But I will leave you all with my testimony that I know this is God´s work and He love´s each one of us individually. Ate next week!

Your missionary Sister Turner

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