Monday, October 7, 2013

I don´t even know where to start with this week ...

Well bom dia!

I guess I will start at the begining-

Monday we saw a women cutting a fish down in the market. We ran down there and found the women and found the fish which turned out to be tuna! So we debated and bought some (800 escudos for one kilo) and we made half of it into cru (or kru) for lunch and it was DELICIOUS!! And Sis. Wilson and Sis. Anderson didn't like it that much, so basically sis. Valenzuela and I ate a whole pound of raw tuna between the two of us. It was marvelous mom! I will for sure make cru for you when I come home! :)

Tuesday we went to Praia for a training that Sis. Wilson was going to attend. So I got to do divisions with Sis. Biggs in Praia and it was so great!! I had never done divisions before in another city before so it was fun to get to know Praia a little bit and it was way fun to teach with Sis. Biggs!

Wednesday was when things started getting a little crazy. On our way back to Assomada we found out I was being transferred mid-transfer to Sal and that would be training Sis. Brock!! WHAT?!?! So yeah we had one more day in Assomada teaching and I said bye to our investigators and those sisters in Assomada that I grew to love so much in these 2 weeks. I know there was a purpose for me to be in Assomada even if it was just two weeks, I am so grateful for my time there. Then on Thursday we went back to Praia so I could fly to Sal.

So then on Thursday I get here and Sal pretty much looks like the desert planet of Tattoine off of star wars!! Haha it is crazy how different all of the islands are. So when you become a trainer in the mission, the missionary you train is called your child and so on Thursday I met minha filha (my daughter) Sister Brock! She is wonderful. She is from West Bountiful and is super sweet and so excited to do missionary work! She has been in Cabo Verde for 3 weeks and is doing great! We are going to have a great time together and I just hope I can help her become the missionary the Lord needs her to be.

But then Thursday gets even better- so then on Thursday night we were walking back to our apartment after a lesson and I got bit by a dog! My first night in Sal! It was a rottweiler and he jumped up and snapped at my arm and thank goodness it wasn't bad. Just a little scratch and a bruise. I talked to Sister Oliviera and she said there is no rabies in Cabo Verde so I will be fine! We got it all disinfected and it's good now. Haha it was quite the experience!

Then the rest of the weekend went well. The sisters here before were preparing a man named Tito to be baptized, so he got baptized on Saturday and it was good! We had conference all day Saturday and Sunday and I enjoyed it so much. It was all in Portuguese but I understood it so I was happy! I came at a good time where I had a couple months to learn Portuguese and so by the time it was conference I didn't have any problems. But seeing the conference center makes me think of when we went right before i went in the MTC and that was so nice. :)

We have a lot of work to do here in Sal and I am excited for the experiences we are going to have! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather in Utah, Mom what you described sounds absolutely lovely right now! and the photos you sent Dad look so good with the snow on the mountains! And yeah Sarah is in the MTC right now and I saw her in the broadcast last week! I have been able to email Shay a bit and she is doing good in Estonia where it is already freezing! Time is going by so fast here, this week I will have 5 months in the mission. I cannot believe it! But everyday I am so grateful to be here. To be doing the Lord´s work and seeing so many blessings and miracles.

Wow that was a little longer this week, maybe my typing is getting faster?! Anywho it is time to go but as always I am sending my love and my prayers and I am thankful to know you guys are too. I can feel it everyday. Have a great week!! I love you!
-Sister Turner

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