Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Surprising week!

Boa Tarde!

I have to preface that this is going to be short for a few reasons.
Soooo I am going to be home and see you guys in 14 days!!!!!! We are going to being flying a total of 18 hours that day but it is going to all be worth it!

The world really is so small! That is neat tim-tim works with the brother of elder jarvis. We used to be in the same zone but now I am not so sure of where he is serving if he got transferred... either way still cool!

Myself and my two daughters from the mission! Sister Brock came to do divisions so we took a family picture with our awesome ugly $5 shark t-shirts. Haha the chinese stores here sell the most random stuff!
This is our investigator Angela. She is seriously soooo kind, just a great lady. 
                 View of the island of Fogo and the volcano at sunset!

So about this week ... I think I caught the cold that tim had. (I hope he is doing better!) Yep while he was sick I too was really sick this whole week! I was actually worried that it was going to become bronchitus like I had in March. I am on an anti-biotic now and am improving! It was not east being in the house so long especially when I want to be working hard here at the end. But I tried to not get frustrated and I learned a little lesson about humility. One of my goals for this last month was to develop that Christ-like attribute of humility. And so while I was sick I thought why am I sick right now at the end of my mission?? And one of the answers I received that this was an opportunity to be humble. Being humble includes being willing to submit to all things the Father sees fit to inflict upon us. He knows what is best and I just need to trust that! That being said we were blessed that the week passes quickly and sister coelho and I didn´t go too crazy being cooped up in the house! We are really excited to get back out and get working!

I know that God loves his children and we need to follow that example by loving them too!
I love you all so much and can´t wait to see you sooooo soon!

Sister Turner

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