Monday, October 13, 2014

I love conference!

October 6, 2014

Boa tarde,

Yes the calendar says October but the hot African sun is saying July! The heat is TOO real on the island of Santiago. Carrying our groceries home today was like a race against time just to get inside of our apartment and out of the sun! But we made it okay and then I enjoyed my lunch in front of the fan, it´s the simple things.

We also had interviews with President Mathews today. My interview went really well and I received a lot of instruction on how we can keep working and helping our area. It is always great to see him and Sister Mathews!

Funny story real quick- So Sister Coelho speaks English. Well technically we speak Portuguese in the morning and English in the afternoon so that we both get to practice our second languages. Anyway it is so funny sometimes when I pretend I don´t understand what she is saying and she goes through the struggle to explain. So today I was eating a cracker and she said ´lamber´ which means to lick. Her definition of it was ´when your tongue goes out of your mouth and sends saliva to the cookie´ hahaha what? She wanted me to assure you guys though that she is from Lisbon and not from the country side! We have a lot of laughs!

Hear is a picture of Adi and Neia´s family after one of our family home evenings. 
 Sister Alvarado died this week. So weird that she is gone she has been here my whole entire mission! 
 And also a picture of our area achada gomes. If you just switched the cement house for hobbit homes it would be just like the shire!
Another conference has come and gone. Sounds like you guys enjoyed it as well! We started watching ours in the church on just a laptop and then they got the projector to work. Last conference in Portuguese! Kind of sad ... kind of not. haha I love conference in English! Wow it was so inspiring and I have so much to review and study again. Seriously was the high light of the week and maybe even the month! I was too excited and it was worth all the hype. I loved that the seventies gave talks in Cantonese, Spanish and of course PORTUGUESE! Plus I really enjoyed Elder Godoy talk aside the fact that it was in port. Maybe in like 30 years a talk will be given in creole?? hahahaa just kidding. ka ta da. But in all seriousness I received lots of wonderful direction from conference as I am sure you all did as well. I know that the messages were inspired by our loving Heavenly Father. He wants the best for his children and gives us divine direction through his appointed servants. And I am so grateful for that wonderful blessing. I am just grateful for all my blessings- my family, my friends, ward members, my mission here in cabo verde, my companion, and most importantly our Savior Jesus Christ who is our source of peace and light in our often turbulent lives. I love you all so much and will write soon! Have a great week everyone!

-Sister Turner

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