Monday, September 15, 2014


Woohoo 16 months in the mission! We are going to have Vimto (a fruit soda from England?) floats tonight so I will let you know how it goes.

I don´t have a tone of time BUT ...
Today in the morning we had a little adventure. We visited Palone? which is the oldest/biggest tree in all of Cabo Verde. The tree was massive and reminds me of those fake trees they used to have in malls to play in when we were kids. We walked there and it was pretty and we took a bunch of pictures and it was fun. AND SO HOT. It may be fall according to the calendar but it sure does not feel like it! Plus I felt like I was walking around in Jurassic park we were joking a raptor was going to hop out and snatch Sister Teu Tau!

This week we had a bit of a struggle with teaching with members. Almost everyone is REALLY busy this time of year. Haha Mom I don´t know if it is as crazy as a 3 dance weekend but it probably comes close! Most people are in the the ´munda´ which is like farming basically. They have to tend there plants and get rid of weeds or it will kill the beans and corn growing. Either way it means they have unfortunately very little time to help us. There were still other good things about our week. That picture of the switch back shows part of our area Boa Entrada. We got to teach a woman named Angela who leaves way down in the middle of the pre-tirassic period. (I don´t know if that exists I haven´t been to the dinosaur museum in a while.) We were so excited to find her and upon entering her house (it was like all the homes in Boa Entrada) and just absolutely dripping in images and saints and everything Catholic. BUT that didn´t stop us from teaching a rocking spirit filled first lesson about the Restauration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! She is such a sweet lady and to our pleasant surprise that house is her mother in laws and not hers. :) We are really looking forward to continue teaching her and hopefully her husband too!

General Conference is just a few weeks away! Yessssss. I know you guys are excited too and I hope EVERYONE is pondering and getting questions ready to ask so we can receive revelation. I know I am! Haha I hope you guys have a great week and keep enjoying the journey as we endure to the end!

Sister Turner

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