Monday, September 15, 2014

Crazy fast week

Who even knows where this week went?? I was in Praia for divisions with Sister Pitts (that is neat mom that you met her relative!) it went great just like old times when we were in a trio except this time I did not have bronchitis. Yay! But it was SO HOT. We had some interesting experiences with the transportation in the Hiaces but I will save that for later... And then when we got back we had a zone meeting and just had a good second half of the week. The Lord really is blessing us as we are being given lots of referals and finding quite a few new investigators. One thing that we are doing new is atleast 10 street contacts per day. This has definetly been different but it has been a good learning experience. Oh especially some people who are VERY active members of other religions. When I just started testifying about prophets she basically ran away from us! haha it was a unique experience! 

Thanks Mom I love that quote you sent me from President Monson. " So much of our life depends on our attitude. The way we choose to see things and respond to others make all the difference" That is so true. I have trials at every point of my mission. But the times when I had a better attitude were so much more productive- I was better able to support the trial and learn more during the process.
Hey dad good work on weight the weight loss! Oh and I will be sending some extra prayers this week too for you and Tim-Tim´s health. Wow he was so swollen! Poor Tim-Tim with his wisdom teeth. :/ But that is good that he is working on his mission papers!
Mom and grandma- Wow THOSE cupboards LOOK SO GOOD!!! I love it! Haha one more Boss story I have to tell the sisters that my Mom and Grandma CAN and DO everything! Good work! 

Time is running but I will share an experience from one of our lessons yesterday. We have visited a non member family of a young man on a mission right now. Smallest world Cape Verde- the young man Ales was my ward mission leader when I served in Assomada last year. Our bishop asked us to visit his family and just make sure they are okay and maybe try and teach them. Our first visit with his mom she was so quiet and seemed fine with our visit. Oh geez yesterday after some inspired questions she talked for over 30 minutes! Including telling us how her son talked to her a ton about the church and invited her to pray. And it was so sweet because we were led to testify to her about the holy ghost and how that was what she felt when she prayed to ask if the church was true, and how it was the holy ghost that helped her sons and friends make those changes in their lives and be so much happier now! She was honest that it will not be easy for her to leave behind the church she has lived in her whole life but she also told us that she already know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true. I know the Lord is preparing a way for her in his own time. Em fim, things are going well here. Sister Coelho is doing well and we are so grateful for the heavenly help and guidance we are receiving through our prayers and yours!
Sister Turner

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