Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mission President Visit!

This week is Pioneer Day. Blessed, honored pioneers! Haha that hymn always comes to my mind when I think of pioneer day. Well hope you guys remember our pioneers and enjoy some barbecue and fireworks!

Like the subject said this week President and Sister Mathews were here in Boa Vista. We had interviews, they transmitted some changes to us, they attended our district meeting, went out and taught with us (I love teaching with Sister Mathews, even though she speaks little Portuguese she brings such a great spirit to the lesson!) and they did a fireside on Sunday night that was great for our members. It really was a treat having them with us almost the whole week. Oh yeah and I don´t think I told you, but they are from Kingwood, Texas which is near Houston? and actually President Mathews is a sealer in the Houston Temple which is sweet! They are such a humble, down to earth couple that are really just focused on this work. President Mathews understands what the work is like here on an island that is mostly tourists. Most of our members and investigators are singles who are here to work. In my interview he asked me if I would strongly testify of eternal families so that they know that in the future they can work for that and to help them create the goal to marry in the temple. And that is something they desperately need. The stable family unit following the Lord´s divine pattern is almost non-existent here. And I have realized how truly grateful and blessed I am with my family and that we are sealed together. President Mathews shared some things from their training's at the MTC. The Lord is hastening the work, and if we don´t keep up with His pace we will get left behind. That means we can´t just keeping doing things the way we are accustomed to, or comfortable with. We need to be willing to progress to keep pace with the Lord. And that means changes here on Boa Vista, to work not just harder but smarter. I really am loving Boa Vista the longer I am here, and that is true with the mission too. Yes it is hard, but it is also such a blessed time. I know this is the church of Jesus Christ, the holy priesthood has returned to the earth and we just have to receive all the ordinances of the temple, be faithful to them and stay on path that will lead us to return to the presence of God and become like Him. Knowing this brings me so much happiness and peace. I love you all and will write again next week!

-Sister Turner

p.s. sorry no pictures this week!

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