Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Past ONE YEAR mark!

Hello Boa Tarde,

Sure enough one year has come and gone. Fast too! Yeah I can´t really believe it. Also can´t believe that kade and annie are married now that is so wonderful! The pictures looked like it was a nice wedding and I am so glad that it went well. The food sounded great and the flowers were so pretty mom! It sounded like it was a great weekend too with the baby blessing. I was thinking and praying for you all extra on Saturday and I was so happy to hear and see how it went!

Book of Mormon reading is going well! We are filling out little charts to stay on track and we are half way through Alma. Only two more weeks to finish!

I thought everyone would enjoy the picture of what we call the bob marley dog. It is rediculous and sad all at the same time. And he did not really want his picture taken!

So like I said mangos have arrived in Boa Vista. Since last saturday the mango count is as on today already over 25. We really like mangos.

This week had a lot of good things, we are seeing the blessings of the Lord. We have this great investigator named Ima who we contacted in the bank a couple weeks ago. So we go to teach him this week and he did his reading in the Book of Mormon! Yes. And he had a question that was kind of funny. In 2 nephi 31 it talks about baptism by water and by fire too. He asked it meant literally fire and he was going to have to touch a flame or something!! No! haha it was good though we reassured him that it is simbolism. But yeah it was a good lesson and he accepted baptism! Then the cherry on the top was he came to church on sunday! The STRUGGLE is REAL to get people here in Boa Vista to go to church. But we are having some good progress with investigators like Ima so we are happy.

I am so grateful for the struggles. The mission is full of them. So much more than I expected. But every struggle is meant to strengthen us and help us be closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. For that reason I am grateful for them. We are given the opportunity to grow and progress and become more like Heavenly Father wants us to be. I still have so much to learn and to do and become in these last six months. And I am so glad that I have them!

I always say this and I always mean it, I love you guys so much. Have a great week and always thank you for the prayers.


Sister Turner

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