Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hello again!

Boa Tarde,

It was so great to talk to you guys yesterday! It was so nice to see everyone and that you guys are doing well! And Kayan!!! hahaha oh and tim-tim´s ninja sword that was hilarious!

Well not much has changed since yesterday so i don´t have a ton to say, we just had a chill p-day. I am sending a bunch of pictures from this week-

When we flew to Sal the flight was LITERALLY 15 minutes. Maybe a little less. The plane goes up and then goes back down. I know you love airplane pictures dad so here is one of Boa Vista, sorry the window is so foggy looking.

The zone conference that we had was so good! It was our last conference with President and Sister Oliveira because they are going home next month. It is sad and we are going to miss them so much. They did so much wonderful work here and blessed the lives of the people and of the missionaries. We love them!

Here is a picture of us with jorge the branch mission leader. Like I said yesterday he is from guinea bissau and is a great guy who helps us a ton!

So I found out that sister turley is OBCESSED with mangos. We found mangoes for the first time this year on Saturday. Needless to say we have already bought a dozen and we didn't buy any on the Sabbath. :)

I sent a picture of the Cabo Cafe that is the restaurant of our investigator. It is too cute! haha but really it probably is the cutest restaurant I have seen in the whole country...

This week went by fast because we were gone to Sal. But it kind of stinks a little bit because we didn't see our investigators that much this week. And then it really stunk when all the ones we did see, did not go to church. Ah! But here is the thing, we still had other investigators show up to church! It just goes to show that it is not us, but really Heavenly Father that touches peoples hearts and gets them to act! It was a huge blessing for us. We are excited to keep working and sharing the good news that is the gospel. Even though we are servants that are so weak and imperfect the Lord still helps us to be an instrument in his hands.

I love you all so much and am always praying for you! Have a wonderful week and I can't wait to see the pictures of the wedding!!

com amor,
Sister Turner

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