Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas, wedding, and baptism!

Hello again!

Christmas was so good. :) It was so great to talk to you all and then we had lunch with our investigators Maria and Carlos! We didn't end up teaching a lot but it was still a really good day.

 It sounds like everyone had a good Christmas as well and I loved seeing the pictures and I am glad to hear it was good!

So this weekend Vivi and Joao got married and baptized! On Friday we went to the record office where they were and it was crazy. Between 11 am and 2 pm there were 8 weddings. It was a mad house in there! But it was good and they are so happy to be married now. Then on Saturday they got baptized and it was so sweet. After the baptism they bore their testimonies and Joao's was especially great. He said in his thick creole that it was the happiest day of his life. And they were baptized by this member named Eugenio who is just awesome too. Him and his wife, named mama, are these super cool members! They are old but still have so much energy and Eugenio told us how he pulled out his own tooth with a pair of pliers! OUCH! But yeah they helped so much with Vivi and Joao and are just awesome.

So that was great & we were so blessed this weekend & lots of investigators came to church. Like always the members in this ward here are helping us & giving us references so it the work is going good. We need to help more people mark baptism this week so please pray for us!

Last thing- today we ate as a zone at this cool restaurant in Praia. It was called Mirage and was so fancy! The seating area was right next to the sea and it was BEAUTIFUL! Oh and it was a buffet with really good desserts so me and sister valenzuela ate a lot in our matching dresses ... :)

Okay that's all for this week. We are happy and I know this is the Lord's work and I am so blessed to be here!

Love your sister,
Sister P. M. Turner

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