Saturday, August 3, 2013


Can anyone else believe it is almost August?? Crazy! This is the last week of the transfer, so next Monday I will know if I have been transfered or not! But speaking of August, Kade I hope you have a great birthday this Sunday!! Love you! :)

This week we had zone conference! All the missionaries from Fogo and Brava came to our church in São Filipe for the conference. We got some training that was good and after some of us went to lunch at this restaurant called Afrikaans. It was fun we love seeing our sisters from Brava!

Haha guess what Tim-Tim?! I found Fiber 1 cereal!! Haha except here it is Fibre 1. Any who I bought it because I remembered how you always stressed the importance of fiber in the diet ;) It is okay but sis graca calls it bird food! And I figured out if I mix it with cocoa puffs it tastes better!

The picture of the kids washing clothes are irmã nela and irmão nene's kids. They have 5 kids so when it is time to do laundry all the kids help! They were doing so good and working hard! But I'm so glad we have a washer in our apartment!

Hmm also this week I got um pouco doente... sick. I don't know what it was probably a vírus because I just had a fever and some flu like symptoms. But I got a blessing (power of the Priesthood is awesome), drank lots of fluids, slept for the day, and was good to go the next! It was great!

On Saturday was Kaka and Livia's wedding! It was great, we sang Families can be together forever at the wedding. During lunch on Saturday we went to irmã Didjo's house so sister graca could get her hair done because she was a madrina. Well we took advantage of the straightner and sis. alvarado straightened my hair and did this cool fish tail braid! Irma didjo has a little salon in her house and so all the ladies for the wedding were getting their hair done there. Sandrini's hair looked so cool in the picture I sent! Also there is a picture of me and Tiago! His family are members and they help us a ton. He is one of my favorite kids! Everytime we come to their house he says 'sisters! senta!' haha which means sisters sit down. He is so cute!

We have this investigator Menu who has a sincere desire to change his life. It is so awesome to watch as people like Menu learn about God's commands and start living them! The Gospel is so true and if we just have Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, repent, be batized, follow the holy ghost, and endure well to the end we will have lives of happiness here on the earth and eternal life. I love this gospel and this work.

I hope everyone is happy and doing well. I love you sooo much!

Com muito amor,
Sister Turner
Zone conference
Fiber 1 cereal!! 
Time to do laundry
Kaka and Livia's wedding
Dama de honra... Bridesmaids
Her hair looked so cool
 Me and Tiago! His family are members &
 they help us a ton. He is one of my favorite kids!
 Fish tail braid

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