Monday, July 22, 2013

This week flew by!!!

Almost pioneer day!
Bom Dia!
I realized it is almost Pioneer day! Weird. But I hope you guys have fun and enjoy some of the yummy food that you always make mom! I would love some good food right about now! I print out the emails I get so I can reread them during the week too!
Oh my goodness week 4 went by so fast I don't even understand! Now we just have this week and next week and the transfer is over. I'm pretty sure I will be staying in Sao Filipe but we'll see if any of the other sisters get transferred.
So yeah this week just flew by. I can't even remember very much of what happened. We did do service one morning for a family the other sisters are working with. We took EVERYTHING out of their house, cleaned the house and all their stuff, and painted it and hung up a bunch of church pictures! We were using a washboard to clean their curtains and their sheets and lets just say Sis. Alvarado and I were sore the next day! Sis. Graca was working the paint and they painted two walls green and two walls white. It was just four walls because their house is one room. Irma Candinha and Irmao Nene were so excited and so were their kids! Haha I think their daughter Jéssica had never seen a white person before ... she was mesmorized by my white legs! She just kept laughing and touching them haha! We all forgot our cameras to take a picture of what it looked like after but when the sisters visit them again I think they could take one.
This week was mine and Sis.Graca's turn to cook lunch. When found ground beef at the store! I was so excited and made us some awesome Hamburgers one day! I didn,t know how much fat was in it though so I made the patties kind of thick. Wellll turns out their was not a lot of fat in them and when they were done they were massive! Oops! But they were so good. We decided it was the most meat we had eaten at one meal the whole time we have been here haha!
Short funny story- We saw one of our investigators this week walking in the mini catholic parade. But not just in the parade, but holding the image of the saint and leading the parade! Haha he just had this huge grin on his face I think it was a little bit awkward for him. Haha, oh Nelson.
There is a program called the First 12 Weeks and this is what missionaries use to be trained. You read PMG, do practices, watch the district, and gradually every week do more teaching in the lessons. This past week I was teaching the atonement and studying more about it. Serious the Atonement is so amazing. It is what makes everything possible in the Plan of Salvation. The Gospel is so perfect.
I sent some pics from this week- cous cous is that white stuff it is made from corn and was really tasty. Tuta is a recent convert (she is happy just the cabo verdianos just dont smile in pictures) her super cute daughter is Daisy they are great we see them everyday. Also last p-day we bought these AWESOME soccer uniforms! Haha soccer is serious business here so I attempted to take a serious picture. And this morning us sisters all wore them and played soccer at the church and the mini field that really is the size of a basketbal court. It was so fun! Also one of Sis Graca and our neighbor Sandrini who is a member. Oh and one of breakfast the other day! Yep portuguese cereal, baby food, and a multi-vitamin. Its not wheaties but it's pretty close to the breakfast of champions!
A scripture that helped me this week is 2 Tim 1:7. It reminded me that the Lord doesn't give us feelings of fear so we needn't be fearful in doing this work!!
I love you all so much and am always grateful for the family and friends I have been so blessed with!
Sister Turner
Tuta, a recent convert & her super cute
daughter Daisy 
I attempted to take a serious picture
AWESOME soccer uniforms!
over looking part of the city out into the sea
cous cous made from corn and was really tasty
Portuguese cereal,babyfood & multi-vitamin
Random description given by Sis Turner

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