Monday, August 12, 2013

Bom dia!!

So the power didn't go out today so we get to email, that is always nice! Speaking of email- I could seriously sit here and type for days talking about everything and everyone here but we only have one hour to email including our weekly letter\report to President Oliveria. Also these computers are old, and I type slow. Mix those together and it's not good. I really want to tell you all everything but I just don't have time. :(

So this past week was week 1 of transfer 2. Transfers last 5 or 6 weeks depending on what President feels. And the Branch we are serving in is São Filipe 2, there is also São Filipe 1 and Congresso that are branches here in São Filipe. São Filipe used to be a ward before I was here but they split it into two branches so they can grow and become two wards eventually! Also that is great to hear that they have a patriarch now I didn't know! haha it is probably easier for you guys to find out about stuff in Cabo Verde than it is for me. Here on this Island we are a little bit isolated!

This first week with Sister Llano was great! We had a lot of powerful lessons. Like this couple Adi and Eloide. We taught Adi the word of wisdom and learned that he needs to quit smoking, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol and using drugs. Yeah just a few things. . . Last transfer Sis Graca and I were trying sooo hard to watch the Restauration film with them. We felt we should watch the film because we tried to teach the first lesson one time and didnt even get past prophets because Adi had so many questions and doubts! But everytime we would try and go there seriously Satan was working to try and prevent it from happening. Either the power would go out or Adi would leave or the DVD player would break or something. BUT FINALLY we got to watch it and it was SO POWERFUL! And the member we brought with us irmão Pai bore an inspired testimony. I felt strongly prompted to invite them to get married this month even though sister Llano and I hadn't talked about it. We are going to teach them again tomorrow and hopefully be preparing their marriage papers this week or next!

Also this week Sis Pitts got here safe and sound so we are happy about that! And yesterday we had a TWO HOUR lesson where we taught this less active couple Lucilinho and Tete and their two friends about the Law of Chastity. By the end of the two hours they had taken out 8 piercings in total! It was a struggle but it was awesome!!

We really need some prayers to help our investigators Menu, Lile, Andreia, Evandra, Rosa, Nene, Adi go to church. We need a miracle to happen to help these people prepare to be baptised. They can´t be baptised until they start going to church!

I love Reading your emails every week and I can't wait until next week! Sorry to hear about what happened with your foot and the car, I will send extra prayers!!
I love you all sooooo much!!! And I am already getting excited to talk to you guys on Christmas!

Love, Sister Turner

                         Here are some fotos from the past two weeks!

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