Saturday, August 10, 2013

Power has been out!

Hi hi hi! I am in my second transfer!

Sooo sorry this is a day late! The power was out for 24 hours and so we weren't able to email on Monday. I am alive and I hope you all didn't worry too much! The power has been going out a lot actually so if my email ever doesn't come on monday it is SUPER high probability that the power was out and I will email as soon as possible.

Super lame news is that I don´t have my memory card with me to send pictures this week. Sad face :(

The last week of the transfer was good and went by super fast! Speaking of transfers ... I am staying in São Filipe 2 ! Haha I am happy because I like it here I don't want to leave yet! But Sis. Graça was transferred to the Island of Santo Antao so we were sad to see her leave yesterday. Sis. Llano got transferred from the area of São Filipe 1 to São Filipe 2 and is my new trainer! Haha it is fun because she has served here before and is just coming back again. And Sis. Alvarado is going to be training a sister coming from the MTC, and its one of the sisters I met before I left so that should be fun!

Mom kenz emailed me and sent me pictures of her flowers! They were gorgeous! She sent me a whole paragraph just going off about how much she loved them and how obsessed she was with them! Haha I wasn't surprised because I knew they would be awesome because you're a Rockstar!

This week we had a baptism! Deivon is 8 years old and the cutest little gentleman. When we would go teach him he would pull our chairs out for us and was always willing to say the prayer and start with `Deus` instead of `Pai Celestial´ it is so cute! He has 2 brothers and his sister Deborah are members too they are a funny family. I will send a picture next week!

Also we have 3 new investigators Lile, Andreia, and Patrique who we started teaching and working towards baptism with! There are awesome members in ramo 2 (our branch) who are willing to teach with us every single day, they are a big blessing.

I have so many things I am working on to improve and it is just one day at a time. Relying of the spirit and on the Lord is so important. I have been realizing how we need to be humble enough to rely on and recognize the Lord in all things. Studying in Preach my Gospel in the Christ-like attributes about humility has really helped me.

I hope Kade had a good birthday! Sister Graca and I looked at his picture and said Happy Birthday haha! I love you all so much and I really hope you are doing great and enjoying the blessings of the gospel! Until next week-

Com MUITO amor,
Sister Turner

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