Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot hot hot here in Fogo!

Boa Tarde!!
It is hot here in Fogo. Like the only time I am not sweating is ... while I am shower and that is because it is a cold shower. Which feels so nice!
This week went by so fast it was a busy one! We watched the Work of Salvation (in Portuguese... good thing I was there when it was English) and saw us in the choir so that was fun. We work with members every single day here so they are a big help.
Pres. Olivera came to Fogo for interviews so the sisters from Brava came over and spent half a day with us. It was nice to see Sister Bradford who was in the MTC at the same time as me!
So the power has been going out in São Filipe like every day or every over day this week so that always makes lessons a little more interesting haha! Lets just say I carry my head lamp in my back pack every day. Speaking of head lamp, Grandpa should be happy to hear that I found some cheese crackers here that are pretty similar to the ones he loves! And on the note of food they have awesome mangoes here! Like so juicy and sweet you eat it all the way down to the pit!
The couple in the Baptism pic are Livia and Kaka. They got married this week and then Kaka got baptized on Saturday. They are so great and Kaka is going to be a great priesthood holder here in São Filipe. The food picture was from their luncheon, it was fun to eat real Cabo Verde food! Also on Saturday Juelma got baptized. She to is just awesome. That whole baptism was a neat experience and all 8 of the missionaries in the two São Filipe branches sang A poor wayfaring man at the baptism service. Except I was the only one singing alto so that was tricky...
Oh good news I found out a trick! So for packages if you add "VIA PORTUGAL" at the end of the address like after Cabo Verde, they will actually get here! And in only 2 weeks! Missionaries here are able to receive their packages when sent like this! Also speaking of packages thanks so much Mom and Dad ,I was patient and didn't open them till I got here and they were great!
Other pictures I sent: Mom remember those crazy cool flowers we saw at Olson´s green house that one time? Yep I found them here! These people sell home made ice cream pops and it is super good and only like 20 cents. Please also enjoy my whispey hairs going cray on the side of my head. I sent one of Daisy who is a daughter of a recent convert who helps us a lot. Her face is kind of squished in that picture but she is such a little cutie! Oh and Sis. Graça had her big hairs down the other day it was great fun!
We have a new investigator named Wilma! She is 12 and has some extended family who are members so that is how we met her. She is so happy and so ready for the gospel it is just crazy. Her family is pretty strong in another religion but we have faith that Heavenly Father will help us and help her to be baptized.
We have been teaching a lot on investigators about the importance of families lately.Not a lot people here have traditional families like we think of. Whenever I get to share my testimony about families it reminds of how grateful I am for the amazing family I have and how much of a huge blessing you are you. I love you guys. Also thanks for the emails. I love reading them and hearing how things are going.
Well that is all for this week, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. And so is the Book of Mormon. I love that book. I love you all and am praying for you always!
Until next week,
Sister Turner
All 4 Sisters serving in Fogo
Sis. Graça w/her big hairs down, it was great fun!
Cool flower, this is for you Mom!
Daisy! Such a little cutie!
Home made ice cream pops here in Fogo
Livia and Kaka
Food from Livia & Kaka luncheon
Saturday Juelma got baptized

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