Monday, July 15, 2013

Two month mark!

NelsBoa Tarde! It's July 15th and I entered the MTC on May 15th so today is my 2 month-iversery!

Hi hi hi! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer! This week didn't have too much excited stuff but it did go really fast. Due to the lack of excitement I was really bad about taking pictures ... but I have some from earlier weeks that I didn't send that I will send today!
We had divisions, so I was companions with Sis. Llano on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was fun and weird and a good learning experience because she trains and teaches differently than Sis. Graca. Haha one funny story: we went with this member Fabio to go contact his friend and try to teach her. First we think her name is Lela, then we talk to another member who says no her name is Viviani and then when we go meet her, her name is really Miriam. Ah! Any who Miriam was playing cards with some ladies and didn't really seem like she wanted to talk to us. Sis. Llano asked if we could come another time and she said 'uumm I don't think so'. So we left. Afterwards Sis. Llano says to me 'If they don't want salvation, FINE!' Hahaha sassy Filipino! Also during divisions we started teaching Eveline. She is a neighbor and friend of a recent convert and is awesome! We taught her the first lesson, invited her pray about Joseph Smith and the message to know if it is true. Sis. Graca and I returned a day later and she did pray and she knows it is true! Now we just need to keep teaching, her help her to keep the commandments and then Baptism!
Random things- People here LOVE music. We start every lesson with a hymn and sometimes end them with hymns too! But the members have like ten hymns that are their favorite so we usually sing the same ones like We thank thee oh God for a prophet, How great thou art, Israel Israel God is calling, Called to serve and some others, its great. I forgot to mention that when we arrived the mission office gave us a bar of anti-bacterial soap that we have to use to wash our bodies. The other night Sis. Alvarado said that Sis. Graça and I were talking to each other in our sleep. It´s just she was speaking Portuguese and I was speaking English haha. Oh yeah and remember how everyone and their dog said it never rains here? It rained THREE times this week!! One day it was so bad but we were in our awesome first lesson with Eveline so we were saved. But the other sisters were out walking and got drenched!! Oops.
We didn´t have a baptism this week but some of the other companionship's did so that was good. Also their was a double wedding on Saturday and one the groom got batised on Saturday night after the wedding! So cool! The picture with all the kids in the truck were the one who were the damas and cavaleiros. Kind of like bridesmaids and stuff but they are young. After the wedding ceremony the wedding party goes and drives around the city blaring their car horns and then come back to the church for the reception. haha They were having too much fun!
The other pictures: me and my friend Andrea who was a dama for the wedding, this little girl Erica who I call Tia which means aunt, a youth with a fuse-ball table because fuse-ball is serious business here, and a couple pretty ones I took last week by the sea. And one of me and shay when I saw her after the Work of Salvation my last Sunday in the MTC!!
One more story- the other night when getting ready for bed & we decided to have some fun >:}   ...  Sis. Llano was showering, the rest of us set up this sling shot contraption using an exercise band outside the bathroom. We had a roll of toilet paper locked and loaded. And then we waited. And waited some more. I did a practice shot against the Wall and it was perfect. So then we wait again. Finally like 5-10 minutes later Sis. Llano comes out aaannd ... misfire. The roll of toilet paper just kind of fell out of the sling shot and rolled half way across the room. Sis. Llano comes down the hall in her towel and yells with here Filipino accent ´YOU TRY TO KILL ME!! hahaha we were laughing so much because of all the build up and then it didn't work!

My scripture this week is Alma 29 verse 9, it is great and all about missionary work. Thanks mom :)

Can´t believe I am half way through my first transfer and really here doing this. It is hard but so great. Love you all soo much and look forward to talking more next week!

Com muito amor,
Sister Turner
Me and Shay at the Work of Salvation
on my last Sunday in the MTC!!
Damas & Cavaleiros from the Wedding
Andrea who was a dama in the wedding
Erica who I call Tia which means aunt
 A youth w/ fuseball table, fuseball is serious business
Pretty pics I took last week by the sea

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