Friday, May 31, 2013

MTC semana dois

Oi familia e amigos!

Hope everyone is doing well in the outside world! This second week in the MTC went by really quickly it's crazy! We have a set schedule now so it is not as hectic as it was that first little while. We have two teachers now Irmao (brother) Pinho and Irma (sister) Ricks, both of them are great. They alternate teaching us Portuguese and teaching us how to teach the lessons. Haha every day we do the same things, we eat, we study, go to class, teach lessons, eat again, go to class again, study some more, eat, have gym time (which I love because we get to go outside!!), study, and plan and go to bed. The order in which we do things does switch though so it's not monotonous!
Oh and we have devotional on Tuesdays and Sundays and those are great! Speaking of devotional- Mom guess who I saw?? Kahuna! Sister Fugal played the special musical number for devotional the other day and did an awesome job! I didn't get to say hi to her but I was telling everybody 'I know her! that's Kahuna!' Oh also speaking of devotional .. guess who got asked to say the closing prayer for this Tuesdays devotional?? This Sister!! Ah no pressure only like 4,000 people at the MTC watch the devotional and I might very well accidentally switch to Portuguese during my prayer! Haha hopefully that doesn't happen!! I am so slowly but surely losing my abililty to speak english well so if any portion of this does not make sense I'm sorry!
The pictures you sent of the flowers you did were gorgeous! Thanks so much for the package! We have been enjoying the treats and my cat shirt ;) Haha sister Biggs has a pug shirt so we had fun wearing them yesterday when we played kickball for gym time with our district and another district in our branch. I'll include a picture! (we felt we needed to take a serious picture due to the shirts we were wearing) Haha we had too much fun with that.
Also this week it was Sister Nelson's birthday! I must let you know that she has acquired the nickname of Sister Nelsloth because of her awkward grace. She has good humor and we have many jokes about sloths! Anyway on her birthday we had a mini party with the treats and sunglasses she got! I don't have a picture with the whole district but I did include one with us sisters! Also the 'top button' lives on here in the MTC and I got Sister Willey to join me! Haha sister Biggs is photo bombing us, I thought Tim-Tim would enjoy that!
We took a picture in front of the famous map with our whole district! Also I see people here everyday that I know. There are so many Elders and Sisters that I know from BYU and Eagle Mountain that I see often so that is fun. They officially have people in the Rain Tree MTC now so that is cool! Sorry this email is so much shorter this week.
I will leave a spiritual thought though, in the MTC we are learning so much about the Doctrine of Christ and how that is the focus of missionary work. 3 Nephi chapter 11, 27 both are bursting with the Doctrine of Christ are great chapters to help us understand our purpose as missionaries. This missionary work stuff is definitely not easy but I can't wait to get to Cape Verde and meet and help the people there.
I love you all and am grateful for all the prayers coming my way!
Com amor,
Sister Turner
District Sisters at the Provo Temple
Elder Ruberson, from my BYU, ward
is in my Portuguese branch
 'Top Button' lives on here in the MTC & I got Sister Willey
 to join me!
 Sister Biggs is photo bombing us,
 I thought tim-tim would enjoy that!  
 We took a picture in front of the
famous map with our whole district!
 Sisters map picture
Sister Nelson's Birthday
A happy cat picture
We felt we needed to take a serious picture
due to the shirts we were wearing
Sister Kerr & Sister Turner

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