Friday, May 24, 2013

First Week in the MTC

Oi familia e amigos!!

Sorry I have not written yet our P-day is on Friday. So we had to wait like 9 or 10 days! Thank you so so so much for the letters and the packages!! Getting mail is like Christmas for a Missionary so thank you so much!
I don't even know where to start about the MTC, it is crazy those first couple days! I don't know how Amanda had a chance to write stuff down. It was... just go here, welcome, go there, welcome, take this, welcome! (Everyone says hi and welcomes you because you have an orange sticker on your tag the first day.  We got here on Wed. and just hit the ground running. Like we taught our first lesson in PORTUGUESE on Friday, two days after we got here. I mean it wasn't very pretty (especially with all my Spanish slipping in, oops!) but it is amazing how quickly we can learn and the Spirit. This week it has calmed down a bit which is nice.
Speaking of we, my companion is Sister Catherine Willey she is from Pleasant Grove, she plays the cello (like for music and the spoken word good) and is studying Latin at BYU.  I never met her there though because she was in Ukraine last semester teaching English.  She is nice and really hard working, plus studied like 10 languages before the MTC so that helps too!  We teach well together and hopefully will just continue to improve! There are 2 other sisters in our district, Sister Nelson is from Ephraim and went to BYU and Sister Biggs went to SVU and is from Arizona. They are a hoot and we have funny times. All 4 of us are going to CV and the Elders in our district are going to Brazil, Portugal, and Mozambique.  In the other district though there are 4 sisters and 4 elders going to CV so that means there will be 12 of us flying out at the same time! Our Branch Presidency (like a bishopric kind of, they are over the 6 Portuguese speaking districts in our branch) in the MTC is awesome! Pres. Hodges daughter in-law Alicia was one of my young womens' leaders so it is fun to talk about Eagle Mountain with him!
Hmm sorry this is not very long we have a time limit and these computers are like dinosaurs and take foreverrr. Oh yeah and I type slow.
In the MTC we have devotionals on Sundays and Tuesdays and they get great speakers like Mary Ellen Edmunds (who was hilarious) and Marcus B Nash of the 70. In the beginning of his talk he said that "Africa is the future of the Church", us CV missionaries appreciated that! He taught about the Doctrine of Christ and how that is exactly what we need to learn and to do as missionaries. Also we sang in the choir that day so that was fun but also I'm not very good at singing so maybe that will be our only time in the choir...haha anyway Portuguese! Our teacher is Brother Pinho and he is from Brazil and is really good, fun teacher. He has only been speaking English for a year so most days he teaches us and we help him a little too! We taught 5 lessons to our investigator "Kaita" who then after those 5 lessons Sister "Kaita"  and became our new teacher. She is also really nice and a great teacher. Actually everyone here is really nice and want to do everything they can to help the missionaries.
 I'm glad to hear about Tim-Tim and Kade! They are good boys.  And I'm glad about Caitlyn's wedding flowers, Mom I'm sure they were beautiful!  I tell the sisters all the flowers they have planted on the grounds here like tulips, coleus, geraniums, ivy, primroses, lots of pretty stuff!  That package someone gave you was so cute I could see why you didn't want to open it! Oh yeah! The food, there is so much of it! I am scarcely hungry because they feed us so much! Also a lot of it is the same as what they sell at BYU so I have had it before.  And thank you Dad for the Liahona and the package that was great!  And Mom and Grandma my clothes are working out wonderfully thank you! And Grandma I frequently get compliments on my tan striped skirt and I tell them you made it! haha I actually ran into a sister wearing the dress it came from so that was funny!
Ah we are out of time! 60 minutes goes so fast! But I attached a bunch of pictures.
I love you all so much and I think and pray for you often! I hope things are going great at home! Talk to you next week!
Love, Sister Turner

*note for mom*
-A plaque scripture could be ... sorry I can't decide I will write you a note later today!
Thank you thank you thank you mom! I LOVE YOUUUU!!! :)

From our first day (with orange sticker)

In our residence

With our district on our temple walk

Me and my beautiful Portuguese scriptures
 I can't read yet haha!

 Laundry this morning!

My old roommate Maddie before
she left for Mississippi.

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